Successfully build trade bridge by E-commerce

with the popularity of the 1nternet era, many people first understand the relevant information through the 1nternet before they buy goods. 1ts convenience and the extensive and comprehensive search results are hard to put down. Moreover, labor protection products are related to the life safety of users. There are too many fish eye mixed bead products in the market, so there is great blindness in choosing them, Whether it is for consumers or production dealers, a communication place, a comprehensive understanding of labor protection products related laws, regulations and information platform are so important, China labor protection network has done all this. As a long-term cooperative member of China labor insurance network, century Jinwang occupational protection products Co., Ltd. has also personally realized the unlimited business opportunities and economic benefits brought by professional industry websites. When new customers inquire about products by telephone, they basically say that they find us through China labor insurance network, and we reach cooperation intention with many manufacturers through the network, Some local customers even feel that if they are so close to each other, they will have no chance to cooperate if they are not through the network. 1t can be seen that the influence of the enterprise itself is still limited. 1n the exchange group of members of the labor insurance network, we will also be exposed to a lot of valuable information. Our enterprise mailbox will receive messages from customers on the labor insurance network from time to time. 1t’s really business opportunities all over the corner, which is much more efficient than the blind promotion of high cost in some websites before. With the increasing popularity of China labor insurance network and more and more members, we are also happy. Over the years, we have given us considerate service and considerate publicity planning, as always. Sincere thanks to China labor insurance net

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