Sunglasses can’t replace children’s protective glasses

1n the hot summer, many parents like to buy a pair of cool sunglasses for their children, thinking that they can be beautiful and protect their eyes. As everyone knows, the sunglasses on the market can not protect children’s eyes, on the contrary, it will hurt children’s eyes

children under the age of one or six should not wear sunglasses

in the strong sunlight, sunglasses can effectively protect our eyesight. Children’s Sunglasses look very lovely, but children’s eyes are not mature after all. 1f you choose and wear them improperly, the protection will easily cause damage to children’s eyes

experts pointed out that children under the age of 6 should not wear sunglasses. Their visual function is often not mature, and they need more sunlight stimulation. After wearing sunglasses for a long time, the macular area of the fundus can not be effectively stimulated, which will affect the further development of vision, and even form amblyopia in serious cases

inferior sunglasses do more harm to children

there are many lovely children’s sunglasses on the market, but those are often of poor quality. Poor quality sunglasses often have poor optical properties such as light transmittance, which leads to children’s unclear when they see things; At the same time, due to the rough manufacturing process, the lens appears water ripple, which makes the sunglasses that should be flat lenses wear a certain degree. Long term wearing can make the children deform when they are looking at things, causing visual fatigue, causing damage to the eyes, headache, dizziness, dizziness, fatigue and other conditions, and even worse, the eyesight will decline< How can children wear sunglasses to be healthy since children wearing sunglasses are easy to hurt their eyes, can’t children wear sunglasses? Go to the seaside to play, to outdoor activities, the sun is dazzling, experts say, children can wear sunglasses, but choose what kind of sunglasses to wear is very important. So how do parents choose and wear sunglasses for their children teach you to choose children’s Sunglasses 1. Glasses should be light and light, not to add too much burden to children’s nose and ears

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