Sunscreen clothes are not sunscreen! Follow suit and don’t be trapped

There is a big price difference between online hot sales

recently, the reporter searched Taobao for sunscreen clothes, and more than 300000 shops sold them. The sales of many stores are booming, and there are not a few of them selling 1000 pieces a month. One online store even sold more than 13000 pieces a month. There are many stores, and the prices of all kinds of sunscreen clothes vary greatly, from more than 20 yuan to three or four hundred yuan

later, the reporter came to a sales square of Jiefang Road Commercial Street in Tanggu, where there are many businesses operating sunscreen clothes. Reporters randomly selected a few pieces, found that this kind of sunscreen fabric is very thin, feel very soft, using a kind of translucent fabric similar to rainproof silk. A shopkeeper told reporters that the fabric of this kind of clothes belongs to a special material, which can be used for sun protection

the sun protection index of fabric is unclear

in the interview, the reporter found that although many consumers are willing to buy sunscreen clothes, they still have doubts about whether sunscreen clothes can really play a sun protection effect. The reporter also inquired about several owners of sunscreen clothes. All shop owners are very positive about the sun protection function of sunscreen clothes. Then when the reporter asked about the SPF of sunscreen clothes, most shop owners were vague. The shopkeeper “lemon tea” told reporters that his sunscreen clothes only cost 18 yuan, and many young people buy them. She told reporters that the texture of this kind of clothes is very light, can prevent sun, rain, wind, transparent color. When the reporter asked if there was a sun protection factor, the shopkeeper said directly that there was no sun protection factor

for the fabric of sunscreen clothes, a shopkeeper in the sales square near Jiefang Road commercial street only said that the fabric of sunscreen clothes sold was “pure cotton”. The reporter saw that most of the clothes tags only have simple trademarks, and there is no specific indication of the specific fabric and sunscreen function of the clothes

beware of the hype about the concept of sunscreen clothing

does sunscreen clothing really have sunscreen effect? TEDA Hospital dermatologist told reporters that the general professional protective clothing can play the role of anti ultraviolet, anti radiation, but the price is expensive, suitable for special people to use, ordinary people do not need. At present, some popular low-cost sunscreen clothes may be the concept hype of businessmen. To a certain extent, this kind of sunscreen clothes only play the role of sunscreen of ordinary long sleeve top

editor’s note: proper sun exposure is beneficial to bone health

ultraviolet rays in the sun can promote the production of vitamin D and calcium absorption, but many women go out to wear sunscreen and sunshade to isolate ultraviolet rays. 1n recent years, most young patients with osteoporosis are housemen and housewomen, most of them rarely go out, do not exercise, once bumped, easy to fracture. Experts suggest that in addition to drinking milk, eating calcium tablets and other conventional ways of calcium, every day should be in the sun for half an hour

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