Super firefighter protective equipment comparable to iron man

Chen Jiazhen, a Chinese industrial designer studying in Australia, has designed a set of highly innovative super firefighter protective equipment, which uses the exoskeleton equipment to increase the strength and ability of firefighters and provide protection for firefighters in the process of disaster relief

this set of exoskeleton equipment can be directly “worn” outside the fireman’s uniform. 1t weighs 23 kg and is 160 cm high, and can bear a load of 91 kg independently. After the exoskeleton equipment is installed on the ship, the weight of the fireman’s equipment is guided to the ground through the “shoe” part of the exoskeleton, so as to reduce the burden of the fireman

exoskeleton design can carry a variety of disaster relief necessities, which can be divided into two versions according to different disaster relief purposes: “fire pioneer” model and “first rescue” model. The former has a pulse water gun and oxygen bottle behind it, which can provide two hours of independent search ability for the firemen who rush into the fire first” The “first rescue” model is equipped with portable medical box and forceps, which can search for survivors through the collapsed ruins. Designer Chen Jiazhen said the “super fire fighting equipment” was designed to provide better protection for high-altitude firefighters and increase their rescue capability. When carrying out high-altitude rescue mission, once the danger occurs in the high-rise of the skyscraper and exceeds the rescue distance of the ladder or high-pressure water gun, firefighters must enter the burning building to rescue

the exoskeleton design greatly enhances the individual combat ability of firefighters. 1n reality, firefighters must be equipped with more than 10 pieces of equipment, including flashlight, water hose, strong rope, etc., but with the exoskeleton “battle suit”, the weight of the equipment on the firefighters can be reduced

the exoskeleton is equipped with a built-in computer to assist each joint movement, so that firefighters can respond flexibly in disaster relief” The “battle suit” is equipped with an energy supply system at the joints of the ankles, and its solid lower body serves as a load-bearing support for firefighters

the left forearm of the exoskeleton “battle suit” is equipped with a powerful water gun head, which can connect the water hose at any time” The “battle suit” can fix the forearm, provide support and enhance stability, so that firefighters can better control the high-pressure water gun

when there is no rescue task, the exoskeleton “battle suit” can be stored upright in the fire truck, which does not occupy too much space, and allows the firefighters to dress quickly in case of danger and fight

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