Supermarket bought cold fresh chicken cleaning to wear protective gloves

At 11:04 yesterday, Ms. Li called: 1 have something to ask. Cold fresh chicken will definitely become the main body of chicken consumption in the future. So, when the cold fresh chicken is processed, do you want to do isolation measures again? When we burn it, we know that we need to burn it thoroughly, but we always have to wash and cut it. Do you want to wear gloves again

85100000 hotline: Ms. Li, a native of Hangzhou, is in her 60s and works in finance before retirement

Ms. Li said: “it’s a bit difficult to carry the vegetable basket these days. 1 have a 7-year-old grandson in my family. Every day 1 wonder how to eat safely and nutritiously. Now 1 mainly eat fish and shrimp, and eat beef once a week. Today, when 1 went to the supermarket to buy eggs, 1 saw a lot of people choosing cold and fresh chicken. 1 think my family hasn’t tasted the taste of white chopped chicken for several months. “

cold fresh chicken, also known as shabai chicken, is preserved at 0-4 ℃ for a short period of 7 days; Frozen chicken is a kind of chicken that is quickly frozen to minus 18 ℃ after being killed. Generally speaking, the shelf life of this kind of chicken is 12 months

some media once reported “can chickens and ducks still be eaten during the Spring Festival?”? How to raise chickens and ducks in the community? How to deal with the chickens raised in the countryside? Hangzhou CDC experts for your authority, “the article said, after buying the supermarket” kill white “cold fresh birds, in the cleaning, there is no risk of virus infection? What should we pay attention to? Hangzhou CDC expert’s answer: the virus can survive for one week in low temperature feces and one month in 4 ℃ water. Therefore, there is a certain risk of infection in the treatment of slaughtered birds. 1t is necessary to pay attention to personal protection, wear gloves, strictly distinguish raw and cooked treatment areas, disinfect the surface objects contacting fresh birds in time after treatment, and clean hands in time

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