Suzhou “big textile” leads the industrial economy

“in every three imported projects, there is one textile project.” — According to the information from 1nvestment Promotion Bureau of Sucheng district

“for every 300 million yuan of industrial sales, 100 million yuan comes from textile sales.” — According to the analysis of Sucheng District Bureau of statistics

from January to June this year, the first phase of Hengli (Suqian) 1ndustrial Park, Deshun textile, achieved an industrial output value of 230 million yuan, contributing 49.1% to the growth of industries above Designated Size in the whole region, and driving the industrial growth of the whole region by 11.8 percentage points

the scale is constantly expanding, the benefit is increasingly prominent, and the brand is gradually improving. 1n the shortest time, Sucheng district has turned a traditional textile industry into the largest, the highest grade and the largest industry in Northern Jiangsu, and embarked on the road of scale expansion, quality upgrading and brand promotion

with the construction of Deli 200000 tons polyester filament project with a total investment o2.5 billion yuan in Suzhou economic development zone, a large number of textile enterprises have come: Changshun textile with a total investment of 550 million yuan, Huifeng textile with a total investment of 140 million yuan, Fulihua textile with a total investment of 150 million yuan, Sijiqing international garment Pioneer Park, with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan, is coming rapidly… 1t is understood that by the end of 2011, after the formation of Deli chemical fiber production capacity, the raw material demand of 5 billion yuan textile enterprises can be guaranteed to realize “localization”. Suzhou is seizing this industrial advantage, centering on the development goal of “breaking 10 billion yuan in textile industry”, relying on traditional industries, extending and expanding the industrial chain, and making every effort to promote industrial investment

at the end of April, a huge hot gas pipeline crossed provincial highway 325 and entered the textile industrial park of Suzhou economic development zone. So far, the infrastructure construction of Suzhou Textile 1ndustrial Park has been basically completed. Focusing on the high-end goal of traditional industries and relying on the 200000 ton polyester filament project, at the beginning of this year, Suzhou District seized the favorable opportunity of expanding domestic demand, accelerated the construction of supporting high-end home textile industrial park, and promoted the cluster of chemical fiber textile enterprises. From the majestic Hengli (Suqian) 1ndustrial Park to the large-scale Jianlu 1ndustrial Park; From the textile industrial park with complete supporting facilities to Sijiqing international garment Pioneer Park with high concentration, the textile industry occupies half of the “top ten industrial parks” in Suzhou< At the end of last year, Jiangsu Jianlu group, the largest local enterprise in Sucheng District, was identified as a high-tech enterprise; At the beginning of this year, "arrow deer" won China's well-known trademark. Local textile and garment enterprises, represented by Jianlu group, pay attention to brand building and connotation development while further expanding scale and improving production capacity, and seize the first opportunity in the new round of industrial restructuring. At the beginning of June, Jianlu group introduced Jiangsu Huarui garment to develop high-end heat insulation and flame retardant fabrics. The high-end GARMENT CO produced by Jianlu group was officially put on the market. Jianlu products with China's well-known trademark have stood together with domestic first-line brands ever since. At the same time, Jianlu group has further accelerated the construction of the 3 billion industrial park. While expanding the scale and improving the production capacity, Jianlu group has continuously improved the brand connotation and accelerated the pace of listing; 1n Hengli (Suqian) 1ndustrial Park, the province's largest North-South industrial transfer project, more than 4000 sets of the world's most advanced computer automatic water jet looms are showing off. All the high-grade fabrics produced are supplied to Jordan, Adidas and other international famous companies by improving the level of specialization and the degree of intensification, the textile industry of Sucheng not only gives full play to its traditional advantages, but also constantly enhances its innovation ability and focuses on optimizing the industrial structure. 1n the new round of industrial restructuring, on the one hand, Sucheng district continues to expand its scale, improve its production capacity, enhance its innovation ability, and take the high-end line; On the other hand, we should optimize the industrial structure with the help of external forces to make the textile industry “ascend to the sky” at present, the textile industry in Sucheng has formed an industrial pattern with complete categories of chemical fiber, wool spinning and cotton spinning, complete raw materials, production and market supporting facilities, and differential development of foreign capital, domestic capital and joint venture. 1t has an industrial scale of 200000 spindles, 10000 looms, 200000 tons of polyester filament and 20 million pieces of clothing. The number of large-scale enterprises has grown from less than 10 three years ago to more than 50 today, The sales volume has grown from less than 100 million yuan to more than 5 billion yuan today. 1n the next two years, the scale of Suzhou Textile and garment industry will exceed 10 billion yuan and become a “big textile” worthy of the name

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