Sweating of director

On the morning of February 27, 22 directors of the power supply bureau of Shangshui County, Henan Province, were informed to attend the rural power work meeting in the conference room on the second floor of the Bureau. Strangely enough, when all the people arrived, the meeting did not start as scheduled, and the participants were invited to a bus downstairs to set out

there is a gentle wind outside the window, the bus is running fast, and the directors look at each other. Where is this going? The work meeting is over? Although there are many doubts, no one can guess what medicine is sold in the gourd

half an hour later, the bus stopped suddenly. When everyone looked up, the sign clearly marked “Libukou power supply station”

Zhou Peng, deputy director of the Bureau, was the first to jump out of the car and quickly walk into the business hall. After looking around, he went straight to a person on duty and asked, “where’s your badge? Why didn’t you hang up? 1 can’t remember the repeated orders! According to the regulations of the Bureau, the director should pay a fine of 200 yuan! “

the experts who are penetrating are stunned by this sudden change. When everyone stood in the business hall, Zhou Peng revealed the “mystery”: for a long time, the work of rural power has been focused on indoor operation, with half the effort on paper, and some people still fail to follow the rules. At the beginning of the new year, rural power decided to make the work more “walking”, not to say hello directly to the grassroots, on the spot to check the real defects and shortcomings of each. 1n this way, we can not only touch everyone’s sensitive nerves, but also make overall arrangements around the recent work

“all the directors are experts. Just go to the business hall and the safety tool room. Learn more from the good places and pick on the wrong ones!”

the leader made clear the task, and everyone responded quickly: “the duty record is incomplete!”” The placement of safety tools and instruments is not standardized! “” The convenience service box is not complete The director of Libukou power supply station, while recording carefully, blushed at the same time, and from time to time secretly wiped sweat

seeing that the atmosphere was active and the directors spoke enthusiastically, Zhou Peng, who was watching quietly, gathered everyone together: “such a work meeting can make the directors blush, sweat and detoxify, and more will be better in the future! However, after sweating, we must remember to “replenish water”, find out more about the causes, frequently mend the loopholes, help each other and improve together. This is our ultimate goal. “

on the way back, everyone felt thoughtful” 1f you don’t want to “blush and sweat” in front of people, you need to “sweat under your feet” under the stage! Come on, folks Zhang Dongxin, the director of Guqiang power supply station, who has always been humorous, said something that won everyone’s praise

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