Symptoms and treatment of mild arc burn

For those who have been engaged in electric welding for a long time, the harm of arc radiation to people is very great. Even if the protection work is done well, sometimes it is inevitable that the temporary negligence and carelessness will lead to burns. 1f the mild burn is not treated timely and effectively, the pain will inevitably affect the work efficiency, and the severe burn site will be infected and inflamed

electric arc light mild burn skin:

symptoms: the burn site is red, sometimes blistering, accompanied by slight pain

treatment: you can first use hydrogen peroxide to clean the burn site, apply some burn topical medicine such as shaoshangning and burn ointment, and then wrap it with gauze (one or two circles, hot in summer, To have a good air permeability, you can take off the gauze at night; 1f you don’t have any medicine around you, you can simply clean the burned area with clean water and apply some cool oil or sesame oil (sesame oil) (it’s OK to clean soy sauce once every 30 or 40 minutes)

electric arc burns eyes:

symptoms: astringent eyes, pain, tears (especially at night)

treatment: apply cold water on the eyes with a towel; Drop anti-inflammatory eye drops to prevent eye infection; 1n addition, if you don’t want to affect the normal work, you can go to the hospital and get 0.5% dicaine solution (surface anesthetic, which can immediately eliminate the symptoms of eye pain)

welding arc burn is related to health. After simple treatment, it’s better to go to the hospital and consult the doctor

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