Tacheng airport issues uniform reflective vest

A few days ago, Tacheng airport launched the “safe travel, start from me” reflective vest distribution ceremony on the basis of the traffic safety publicity action, and distributed reflective vests to all airport staff

in order to ensure the safety of apron operation and standardize the operation of employees, Tacheng airport has changed the situation that the style and dress of reflective vests are not uniform before. Therefore, Tacheng airport has actively purchased a number of reflective vests and issued them to the airport employees, hoping to provide more security for apron operation and flight employees’ travel. 1n addition, the airport police carried out traffic safety knowledge education and training for the drivers of the airport in-house vehicles to enhance their awareness of law-abiding and self-protection in the process of traffic participation, which laid a solid foundation for the smooth operation of the apron and the rapid passing of the station

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