Taicang Feihong: the company organizes and carries out the League building activities in 2019

1n order to further enrich the spare time life of employees, strengthen team building, and enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of employees, Taicang Feihong plastic steel products Co., Ltd. organized a League building activity in Wuxi on July 15, 2019

during the one-day activity, the company organized all the staff to visit Lingshan scenic spot in Wuxi, which integrates the scenery of lakes and mountains, garden square, Buddhist culture and historical knowledge. They were immersed in the magnificent artistic conception of Nianhua Bay, experienced the ubiquitous Zen life, and let the “soul vacation”

the team building activity made all employees gain self-confidence, courage and friendship, understand more responsibility, responsibility and gratitude, further enhance the cohesion of the team, and fully demonstrate the fighting and heroic bearing of all employees of Feihong. Everyone expressed that they would integrate this enthusiasm and spirit into their work and contribute to the development of the company

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