Taihe new material: international cooperation to deeply cultivate the market of flame retardant protective clothing

Taihe Xincai (002254), the largest high-performance fiber manufacturer in China, joined hands with Austria Lanjing company to jointly develop the flame retardant protective clothing market. On March 15, the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement, which will learn from the successful experience of aramid fiber and fr fiber in the European and American markets and deeply cultivate the protective clothing market

Lanjing company is the world’s largest high-grade cellulose fiber production enterprise. The famous modal and Lyocell fibers are popular all over the world. 1ts fr thermal protective viscose fiber is widely used in special protective clothing in high-risk areas and enjoys international reputation. As early as a few years ago, the company and Lanjing company have carried out cooperation in the fields of petroleum fire-proof tooling, anti arc clothing and so on. The two high-performance flame-retardant fibers, temida meta aramid fiber and FR, developed by the company, complement each other and become an excellent match for safe and comfortable flame-retardant protective clothing

as an important personal protective equipment, there is a global demand for hundreds of millions of safety protective clothing every year, which is increasing at an average annual rate of two digits. 1t is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, shipbuilding, fire protection, military and other fields. According to Li Lingshen, President of China 1ndustrial Textiles Association, at present, in the domestic personal protection field, in addition to the fire-fighting clothing in line with international standards and the use of aramid fabric, the safety protective clothing in other industries is mainly made of cotton or polyester fabric with flame retardant treatment, which generally has defects such as rapid decline of flame retardant performance after washing, short service life, low temperature resistance and poor comfort. The new type of safety protective clothing and flame retardant fabrics have wide application fields and high added value. 1n China, the annual demand of special safety protective clothing in labor protection industry is more than 20 million sets, and the market growth rate is more than 25%

the company is the largest manufacturer of meta aramid fiber in China. The developed meta aramid fiber has been used in national forest armed police fire fighting suit, urban fire fighting suit, special police training suit, high temperature resistant tooling, flame retardant safety textiles in public places and other fields in batches, and enjoys a high share in the domestic market

Author: Dong Wenjie

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