Taihe new materials launches new fibers and protective fabrics

At the just concluded 2016 China 1nternational 1ndustrial Textiles and nonwovens exhibition, Taihe new materials brought a number of high-end innovative products, such as new-type emergency clothing aramid fabric, the world’s first flame retardant spandex, to the show, which became the highlight of the exhibition

at the same time, the company also exhibited a number of innovative products such as filter functional fiber, filament, aramid paper, etc., which won the unanimous appreciation and affirmation of domestic and foreign customers and other industry insiders

in recent years, with the attention and development of national emergency industry and the improvement of national public safety awareness, the research and development of industrial and military police protective clothing is imminent, and the flame retardancy of aramid fiber plays an irreplaceable role in the protection market. Taihe new materials has cooperated with downstream customers through hundreds of proofing experiments, 1t has successfully launched a new generation of rescue clothing fabric with world advanced technology level. This kind of fabric is mainly made of aramid fiber produced by the company. Combined with the weaving and finishing technology of Shanghai Mingqian company, the fabric has the advantages of high strength, flame retardant, anti-static, water repellent on the front and moisture conductive on the back. 1t solves the defects of the old generation of rescue clothing, such as poor air permeability, uncomfortable wearing and easy to breed bacteria, and ensures the permanent flame retardancy of the clothing, At the same time of improving the level of protection, it ensures the wearing comfort to the maximum extent

in addition, Taihe new materials also exhibited the world’s first flame retardant spandex, which not only has the high elasticity of spandex, but also has flame retardant properties. 1t is suitable for a variety of protective clothing, common tooling, flame retardant household appliances and other fields, and will provide more options for customers to optimize product performance

in this exhibition, more than 100 new and old customers at home and abroad visited the company’s booth and exchanged views on industry development, industrial chain construction, business cooperation and other topics, laying a foundation for the company to consolidate old customers and develop new customers

as the first spandex and aramid production enterprise in China, Taihe new material has always been in the forefront of the innovation and development of special fiber. Guided by market demand, Taihe new material continuously develops various functional new products. At present, the company’s aramid protection products have been widely used in public security fire protection, emergency rescue, public security special police, armed police special operations, sea, land and air, and a large number of exports to Europe and the United States and other developed countries. 1n the future, the company will actively implement the concept of innovative development, promote product restructuring and technology upgrading, and provide more professional and efficient solutions for safety protection, medical and health, filtration and separation industries with a more mature and professional attitude

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