Taiwan shoe enterprises actively explore the mainland market

recently, the 2010 WTO autumn and winter shoe show was launched. On the premise of continuing the theme of M1T made in Taiwan last year, the government hopes to find a chance for the local shoe industry before opening up free trade. As early as before the government’s promotion, many Taiwan shoe industries relied on their own innovation and change to stabilize the Taiwan market, and at the same time, they successfully attacked the mainland market

Fufa has cooperated with two wholesalers in Hong Kong. After the government signed the ECFA, the boss even considered selling to the mainland

Lu shaonan said that a pair of shoes with a price of less than 700 yuan issued by Fufa had been sold in Zhejiang for an astonishing price of more than 10000 yuan after several sales, so he decided to export them directly by himself

aileron also entered the Shanghai market with the whole family of shoe stores this year. Luo Cangyi, general manager of aileron, is not eager for quick success. He hopes to achieve the vision of expanding eight outlets by the end of the year with the blessing of the channel

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