Taiyuan coal equipment technology exhibition opens

Small and chic dust masks are particularly eye-catching in the exhibition of coal equipment, which is full of large machinery and steel. Yesterday, the 13th (2014) Taiyuan coal industry technology and equipment exhibition opened, dust mask appeared in such a big exhibition, unexpected and reasonable

the annual Taiyuan coal industry technology and equipment exhibition has a strong sense of the times. At the beginning of the coal exhibition, when the coal industry in our province is booming, large hydraulic support, mining machine, conveyor belt, etc. are worthy of the “Star” of the exhibition; 1n the past two years, more and more attention has been paid to the safety production of coal. Underground safety monitoring, mobile rescue capsule and other equipment were also popular. Last year, all kinds of control systems became the “protagonist” in the exhibition, reflecting the progress of coal industry technology in our province. The appearance of dust masks this year is not only a keen response of businessmen to air pollution, but also a reflection of humanistic care for practitioners

yesterday morning, at the exhibition hall of China (Taiyuan) coal trading center, a booth displaying masks attracted the attention of visitors. The reporter saw that these masks have different shapes, including oval and triangular ones. Some of them are hard, some are soft, and some of them have more exhalation valves, which make breathing easier. According to reports, these masks contain no gauze and can filter particles with a diameter of about 0.3 microns, while PM2.5 masks on the market can only filter particles with a diameter of abou2.5 microns. The price of dust masks ranges from a few yuan to dozens of yuan. After participating in the exhibition for many years, the reporter finally met an affordable and practical exhibit. Just when he took out RMB and prepared to “spend money” to buy it, he was told that there were only samples left, indicating its popularity

there was more than one mask exhibitor yesterday. Another exhibitor participated in the drafting of China’s dust mask standard. 1t also has the advantage of price, which has attracted many visitors. Why did little masks come to the exhibition? The exhibitor said that there is a high incidence of pneumoconiosis among underground workers, and dust masks are their last line of defense. 1n addition, the dust mask can be applied to many types of work, and can also be used by ordinary residents, which has a broad market prospect

the exhibition lasts for three days and is sponsored by the Provincial Coal 1ndustry Association. A total of 226 manufacturers from home and abroad participated in the exhibition

last year, the death rate of one million tons of coal in the whole province dropped to 0.077, a year-on-year decrease of 15.38%. The new weather in the annual coal exhibition confirms the new progress of the coal industry in the whole province

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