Taiyuan power supply section carries out investigation and rectification of potential safety hazards

1n recent days, in order to prevent the slack paralysis thought that may appear after the end of the Spring Festival, Taiyuan power supply section of Taiyuan Railway Bureau actively guided the cadres and workers to continue to carry forward the spirit and style of continuous combat. According to the requirements of the Railway Bureau, focusing on preventing “rebound” and ensuring “two sessions”, the investigation and rectification of spring safety hazards and the safety inspection of “two sessions” were carried out in the whole section

the party and government leaders of this section attached great importance to this work. At the beginning of the work, a leading group for hidden danger investigation and safety inspection was established in this section, with the section leader and the section party secretary as the leader. The members of the leading group inspected and guided the work of the first-line workshop team in the form of taking charge of the key links and the professional piecemeal guarantee

in this section, the work is carried out from seven aspects: inspection of the quality of driving equipment, construction safety, fire and explosion prevention, on-site operation, labor safety, off road safety and public security prevention, focusing on the inspection and renovation of high-speed railway, passenger dedicated line and bus passage; Construction of business line and adjacent business line; Substation, power distribution station and other electrical appliances to harm the use of; The improvement of operation standards and work processes of main driving types and posts; Full time protection personnel and implementation of protection system for on-site operation; 1nstallation of various operation signs and warning signs, and line patrol, etc

in order to ensure the effectiveness of this work, this section requires each workshop to report the daily work situation, office cadres to do a good job of on-site inspection, functional departments to do a good job, typical problems found and solved and problems need to be solved, as well as commendation, reward and accountability assessment. The paragraph emphasizes that all cadres at all levels should strictly implement the “eight regulations” and “ten prohibitions” and other relevant requirements when they go to the scene, follow them lightly, be honest and self disciplined, and resolutely put an end to the phenomenon of increasing the burden on the front line and interfering with the normal work of the grass-roots units

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