Taiyuan Safety Supervision Bureau secretly visits the construction site, there is “greasy” in the safety helmet

On the morning of Jul2, the investigation team of Taiyuan Safety Supervision Bureau of Shanxi province came to the private District, randomly inspected a construction site and a shoe city, found many potential safety hazards, and made a decision to stop work for rectification on the spot

at the construction site of No.1 commercial and residential building of Chaoyang real estate of Shanxi Erjian, Jingyuan Road, the power distribution room in the corner looks like a toilet. Outside the power distribution, garbage is everywhere, and piles of flammable foam are stacked high. Push open the door, the ground is wet, the safety sign of “be careful of electric shock” is lying on the ground dirty, the handwriting has been completely covered by lime soil, and there are sundries around the distribution box. When entering the construction site, the inspectors found that the safety helmets worn by the front-line workers and the management personnel are completely different. After careful identification, the red safety helmets of the management personnel are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic and have the national safety identification certificate and certificate, which are in line with the standard. The yellow safety helmets worn by workers are plastic safety helmets which were produced before 2005 and are valid for two and a half years and are not allowed to be produced now. During the inspection, it was also found that the registration certificate of the tower crane and the safety qualification certificate of the project manager had expired

Taiyuan Safety Supervision Bureau also made a penalty decision of rectification within a time limit for fire safety hazards found in Chaoyang shoe city

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