Taizhou’s footwear export volume increased

according to statistics, in January, Taizhou’s shoe exports were mainly in the form of general trade, with an export value of US $99.01 million, up 48.2% year on year, and 32.61 million pairs of shoes, worth US $100 million, up 27.3% and 48.6% year on year, respectively. The monthly export volume hit a record high; Private enterprises are the main export force, with a total export of 66.52 million US dollars. 1n terms of export varieties, the finished products are mainly shoes and boots with plastic or rubber uppers, with an export of US $95.75 million, accounting for 96% of the city’s total shoe exports in the same period. The average export price rose slightly, averaging US $3.1 per pair, up 18% year on year

according to the customs staff, since the beginning of this year, with the economic recovery of major economies such as Europe and the United States and the further enhancement of local consumption capacity, Taizhou’s shoe exports to Europe and the United States have maintained a steady growth trend. At the same time, the development of emerging export markets such as ASEAN and Latin America has also stimulated the city’s shoe exports to a great extent< However, behind the good export situation, Taizhou's shoe export is still facing many hidden worries. For example, since the beginning of this year, with the recovery of international and domestic economy, there has been a serious shortage of workers in China's coastal and inland areas, and the wages of workers have generally risen. 1n addition, the recent international oil price is still at a high level, driving the price of rubber and other major raw materials for shoe-making to rise. The existence of these factors makes the cost pressure of Taizhou shoemaking enterprises further increase< 1n this regard, industry insiders suggest that relevant departments should give full play to the coordination and organizational functions of industry associations, regulate the export behavior of shoe enterprises, guide them to actively deal with trade barriers by legal means, and urge them to pay close attention to the laws and regulations of importing countries, master the latest testing standards and specifications of shoe products in time, and improve their early warning ability. Relevant enterprises should strengthen investment and innovation in science and technology, adjust industrial structure, improve product level and establish brand image

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