Taizhou’s shoe industry export continues to grow at a high speed

According to the statistical data, Taizhou’s shoes export is still growing at a high speed this year after the export volume increased by 35% in 2010: from January to April, a total of 10086 batches of shoes were exported, with a value of US $393 million, a year-on-year increase of 13.2% and 34.6% respectively, setting a new record. 1t is reported that no matter the export volume or growth rate, shoes are the “pacesetter” in Taizhou’s export industry, ranking the largest patriarchal clan inspection commodity position in the city

it is understood that there are two main reasons for the sharp growth of Taizhou’s export footwear: first, the competitiveness of products is constantly enhanced, and the regional brand value is rising. 1n recent years, Taizhou export shoe industry has achieved remarkable results in product quality and brand building. 1n particular, since the introduction of assembly line adhesive shoes, Taizhou shoe industry has continuously innovated its production technology and materials, improved its overall quality, and formed a regional brand advantage of low price and high quality. For products of the same quality, the price of Taizhou shoes is 5% to 10% lower than that of other main production areas, and the competitiveness is obvious; Second, the global marketing network has begun to work, and emerging markets have sprung up. Taizhou shoe industry has been committed to building an overseas marketing network. At present, in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe and other markets, our city’s major foreign trade shoe enterprises have set up outlets. With the completion of the global marketing network, exports in all markets have increased, especially in emerging markets

although the export prospect of Taizhou footwear products is good, there is still a significant gap between Taizhou and other advanced production bases in terms of quality, quantity and economic benefits. At present, the shoe industry is at an important juncture of structural adjustment and industrial transformation. The inspection and quarantine department reminds relevant enterprises to pay attention to tap the potential while maintaining the existing advantages; Pay attention to the diffusion and penetration of high and new technology to the shoe industry, and further promote the cold bonding process in the product process; We should pay attention to dislocation development, adhere to market orientation, and strive to achieve a win-win situation in which each product type has its own characteristics, each export market has its own specialty, each product grade complements each other, and each enterprise scale has its own advantages

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