take out the mask, “spring snow” staged

The weather is gradually fine, and the annual drama “flying snow in spring” is released as scheduled. On April 13, the reporter of Modern Express passed by the Qinhuai River. Along the way, wool and wadding were everywhere, and the river was white. Garden experts told the modern express that it is only the “primary stage” now, and by the end of this month, the “rainstorm” in Nanjing will be coming

most of them are catkins and poplar catkins now

in these two days, white catkins begin to fly in the air, and many people wear masks. What is this flying white floc? Liu Xingjian, senior engineer of Nanjing Zhongshan Botanical Garden, told reporters that this season is mainly catkins and poplar catkins

when will the “flying snow” last? According to Liu Xingjian, in normal years, Yangxu lasts about three weeks, LiuXu lasts about two weeks, and fatongfeixu lasts about six weeks. According to the experience of previous years, the end of May and the beginning of June is the time when the white wool is the most, which is expected to last until the end of June

these flocs not only make people allergic and irritable, but also block the radiator of the car water tank, causing the boiler to turn off; 1t blocks the sight of pedestrians and vehicles and affects traffic safety. Flying catkins are flammable and can burn rapidly in 2 seconds when encountering open fire. Many fire accidents in April and may every year are caused by flying catkins

can poplar catkins be eradicated in a short time< 1t has been put on the agenda for many years to control poplar catkins. This year, the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of greening and landscape planning in about four years, the main highway into and out of the city, along the high-speed railway green corridor transformation, elimination of poplar along the line, replace other species. At the same time, poplar trees in the green space around Xiangyang River and north of Gulou Hospital will be updated. Li Ming, head of Nanjing Landscaping Management Office, said, "the proportion of willow trees in Nanjing is declining, and the problem of poplar catkins will be gradually improved, but it is not realistic to completely eradicate it in a short time." remind: “armed” to go out again allergic people, in recent days must “armed” to go out again, wear masks and glasses. Patients with bronchial asthma, allergic bronchitis, allergic rhinitis and so on should focus on prevention next week, try to reduce going out, when the wind is strong, it is best to close the doors and windows at home

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