talk about the issue of labor protection articles for employees

On the afternoon of November 8, Yu Bo, member of the trade union organization of the project, informed yuan Yifeng, director of the general affairs office, to distribute the democratic consultation form of labor protection articles in the fourth quarter to departments. That night, he collected a total of eight employee opinion forms from five departments, two rooms and the production department. On the morning of the 9th, after the name was given earlier, Yu Bo immediately convened relevant labor protection supervisors and trade union members to discuss the purchase of labor protection products this quarter

has the final say of the Zhengzhou underground air pipe port project of the four Bureau of China Railway, which is what employees receive every quarter for labor insurance products. Such a real democratic management is a good situation that the party, government, work and Youth League Committee of the project department has been maintaining for a long time, and it is also loved by the majority of employees

in this brief harmonious and democratic seminar, the staff’s consultation form and purchase opinion summary table were placed on the desk at the same time for reference. Cao Zhi, member of the fund review committee, informed the participants of the online purchase unit price of the selected labor insurance products; The labor protection inspectors Li Jiaxin and Liang Tao proposed that the purchase of labor protection products should focus on quality and practicality, and finally determine the selected labor protection products according to the employees’ suggestions. 1n order to make good use of the labor insurance fee of 90 yuan per person per quarter, the participants took great pains to optimize the types and brands of goods and comprehensively compare the unit price of goods in accordance with the principles of “the minority is subordinate to the majority”, “democratic consultation is open and transparent” and “taking into account the intention of employees”. 1n particular, in a comprehensive consultation form, Liang Tao, as the chief accountant of the project, carefully circled the goods that the employees intended to focus on with a pencil, and selected the best purchase plan according to the online purchase quotation; His down-to-earth and dedicated spirit of “not doing small things but not doing them” has moved everyone around him

after the meeting, afterwave announced the purchase plan of labor protection articles for the fourth quarter to the employees in time. Peng Jin and Li Xiaojie, two purchasers from the Ministry of materials and machinery, finished purchasing more than 60 employees’ labor protection articles in Jingdong Mall at noon on the 9th, providing a prerequisite for the timely distribution of employees’ labor protection articles. The online shopping of labor protection products is complete and reliable in quality; There are “good dad” brand natural fumigant laundry detergent, bamboo charcoal brilliant white toothbrush, Shufujia soap, An’an snake oil SOD honey skin cream, Yunnan white toothpaste and Qingfeng toilet roll. As of the morning of the 11th, these labor insurance products had been successively transported back to the project department from various express companies in 8000 township; 1n the afternoon of that day, the employees who came back from the construction site one after another happily rushed to the material and machinery department to get their own labor protection articles

project has the final say of a very little thing, but it is a true reflection of the basic rights and interests of employees. Yin Luxin)

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