talk about the work clothes of food enterprises

Netizen: Xiaobian

two days ago, 1 saw a friend in the forum asking questions about the use of some workshop work clothes, including how to choose food workshop work clothes? What’s the difference between food workshop work clothes and ordinary work clothes on the market? Can 1 use short sleeves? How to clean and maintain and so on, this paper summarizes some relevant information about food workshop work clothes:

PS: the following information is for reference only, welcome to correct and discuss

food work clothes are specially designed for human protection and safety production during food processing. 1t is essentially different from the labor protection clothes on the market. The food work clothes are specially designed to prevent the food pollution caused by the shedding of human hair chips, combined with the production environment, temperature, humidity and the wearing comfort of employees in different workshops. Uniform clothing can unify the corporate image well. At the same time, wearing work clothes has a kind of psychological implication, that is, it’s working time now. You should put down all the things that have nothing to do with your work, and forget all the unpleasant things outside. You should devote yourself to your work. This kind of psychological hint is very important and necessary. For example, when you punch in, it’s not necessarily for attendance. 1nstead, it tells you that after you punch in, you’re in working hours. There are also desks and chairs, office supplies and so on, all have the function of this hint< The main differences between food work clothes and ordinary work clothes are as follows: 1. Selection of flour accessories (most food work clothes are made of sweat absorbing and quick drying filament fiber, while ordinary work clothes in the market are made of cotton or polyester cotton, artificial cotton and other materials. As for why sweat absorbing and quick drying filament fiber is used, we will make a detailed explanation below)

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