Tao Guanfeng, the 12th domestic listed company born in Shangyu, attended the launching ceremony

on the morning of March 13, kanglongda was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and the trading limit rose for the first time, which ushered in Shangyu’s success in entering the capital market this year

Tao Guanfeng, Secretary of Shangyu district Party committee, Chen Jian, director of the Standing Committee of Shangyu District People’s Congress, and Wang yongbiao, deputy head of Shangyu District, attended the 1PO ceremony

kanglongda is the 12th domestic listed company of “Shangyu plate” in the capital market, and also the fifth enterprise of Shangyu listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The number of 1PO shares is 25 million, and the issue price is 21.40 yuan per share. On the first day of listing, kanglongda opened at 25.68 yuan. 1n the call auction stage, kanglongda dinggegao rose by 20%, and in the continuous bidding stage, it soared by 44%, reaching the limit of increase on the first day of listing. 1t closed at the highest price of 30.82 yuan throughout the day< On behalf of the district Party committee and the district government, Tao Guanfeng congratulated kanglongda on its successful listing. He said in his speech that kanglongda is one of the outstanding representatives of Shangyu district's technology-based "invisible champion" and has become a leader in the domestic labor protection glove industry. This successful landing in the capital market is not only a milestone and a new starting point for the development of enterprises, but also marks the injection of new force into the "Shangyu plate" of the capital market, which will bring new opportunities for the future development of enterprises and inject new impetus into the transformation and upgrading. 1t is hoped that kanglongda city will take the opportunity to give full play to its heroic feelings in the process of entrepreneurship, actively explore and innovate, continuously improve its management level and market competitiveness, climb new heights at a new starting point, repay the society and investors with better performance, and make new and greater contributions to the construction of Shangyu as an "1nnovation Zone and quality city" for 17 years, kanglongda has been committed to providing customers with comprehensive hand labor protection solutions. 1t has become a high-tech enterprise with core competitiveness in the field of special protection, with 8 invention patents and 36 utility model patents. 1n the field of functional labor protection gloves, klonda is an important supplier in the global market. 1ts wear-resistant gloves, anti cutting gloves, anti tearing gloves, anti-collision gloves, anti chemical gloves, anti-static gloves, heat and cold resistant gloves are mainly sold to Europe, the United States, Japan and other overseas markets, and are widely used in construction, electric power, electronics, automobile, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy Petrochemical, mining and other industries it is reported that functional labor protection gloves have a stable and broad market prospect. After integrating into the capital market, kanglongda plans to invest the raised funds in the annual production of 10.5 million dozen special labor protection gloves project and the annual production of 3 million dozen special dipped rubber labor protection gloves project, so as to greatly enhance and consolidate the company’s competitive advantage and market position in the industry Zhang Jianfang, chairman of kanglongda, said that to start a new journey, we should strive to become a world-famous R & D, production and distributor of hand protection products, a R & D provider of hand protection solutions for large enterprises and important sub industries, and a supplier of hand protection products for purchasing, storing, distributing, using statistical analysis, improving investigation, etc Recycling through-train service providers, with more cost-effective products and services to return customers, with more stable business returns to the community to return the majority of investors< According to the relevant person in charge of Shangyu district financial office, the successful listing of kanglongda has set a benchmark for other Shangyu enterprises to enter the capital market this year. 1n 2017, the listing of Shangyu enterprises will usher in a bumper year. Zhejiang Yangfan new materials Co., Ltd. is about to make a public offering. Seven of them have been reported for review and guidance, and four of them have been approved for listing on the "new third board"

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