Teachers, occupational diseases

When 1 was young, 1 envied the profession of teachers. They could hold chalk freely on the blackboard. Therefore, during the break, we were imitating their words and deeds. Our dream was to become a teacher. When we grew up, we learned that teachers also had occupational diseases, so we began to care about these “candles” — chronic pharyngitis, cervical spondylosis…

there was such a teacher in her family. Recently, she was suffering from occupational diseases and had to find other teachers. She is a rural kindergarten teacher who has been teaching for 30 years. The parents in the village respect her because she is the first teacher of every child in the village for decades. Recently, she lost her voice and had to find another teacher to take her place. Go to the hospital to check, the doctor said: chronic pharyngitis, have to recuperate break time. According to the doctor, they often come to see chronic pharyngitis in the outpatient clinic, and 60% or 70% of them are teachers, mainly because of long-term overload lectures and unscientific pronunciation methods, which make the throat and pharyngeal mucosa under the long-term impact of strong airflow, leading to mucosal congestion and swelling

“occupational diseases such as chronic pharyngitis, cervical spondylosis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, malignant tumors and other diseases are threatening the health of teachers.” Dr. Li said: ‘it reminds me of a friend’s father, who is also a teacher. 1t was the first class in the winter morning. He fell to the ground in high spirits. The arrival of the ambulance had made him lose the chance to be treated. Finally, he learned that he was cerebral infarction, a kind of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease

experts remind: throat, spinal disease incidence rate is relatively high. One is throat. Chalk dust can damage teachers’ throat. Because teachers use more voice, vocal cords are also one of the parts that teachers are easy to hurt. The symptoms were sore throat and hoarse voice. The second is cervical vertebra. Teachers need to work at desk for a long time to prepare lessons and correct homework, which will make the lumbar muscle and cervical vertebra in a tense state all the time. After a long time, it will cause chronic lumbar muscle strain and cervical spondylosis, and will evolve into cervical degenerative arthritis or scapulohumeral periarthritis. Third, the legs, most of the teachers or standing lecture time is more, leg muscles in a state of tension for a long time, easy to cause varicose veins

“as the saying goes,” diseases begin with superficial TCM. “. Experts suggest that teachers should have a physical examination once a year to find out and treat early, so as to ensure that teachers have a healthy body and are competent for their own work. Only in this way can they hold the podium and fill the world with peaches and plums

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