Technical requirements for seat belts

safety belts, ropes and metal accessories should meet the damage load index

the belt must be a whole one, with a width of 40 ~ 50mm and a length of 1300 ~ 1600mm

the width of the belt is not less than 80mm, and the length is 600 ~ 700mm. The outer layer is wrapped with ribbon or light leather, and the edge is smooth without angle

the color of the suture is the same as that of the tape. A metal rivet with a diameter of more than 4.5mm shall be used in the square frame with folded head suture of the surrounding bar, and the leather and metal washer shall be padded under it. The riveting surface shall be smooth and clean

the color of the ribbon is mainly dark green, grass green, orange red, dark yellow, followed by white, etc

a small bag is attached to the belt

the diameter of the safety rope is not less than 13mm, and the twist is 8.5 ~ 9 / 100 (flower / mm). The diameter of suspension rope and girth rope shall not be less than 16mm, and the twist shall be 7.5/100 (flower / mm). All hanging ropes used by welders must be sheathed, while other hanging ropes are only partially sheathed, and the hanging ropes are not sheathed. The rope head should be braided into 3 ~ 4 layers, twisted and pressed, and the strand rope should not be loose or tight

the metal hook must have a safety device, with the exception of the railway hook. When the clamping teeth of the self-locking hook are used on the wire rope, the hardness is Rockwell HRC60. The effective recovery times of metal knuckle spring shall not be less than 20000 times, and the bite of hook body and knuckle shall be smooth without deflection

the surface of metal fittings shall be smooth without pitting and cracks; The edge is arc-shaped; The surface must be rust proof

the ring, half ring, triangle ring, 8-shaped ring, pin shaped ring and three-way joint of metal fittings are not allowed to be welded, and the edge is in a circular arc. Only butt welding is allowed for adjusting ring

mark and package

metal parts should be marked with the code of the manufacturer

the trademark, certificate and inspection certificate with permanent words shall be sewn on the body of the safety belt

color lines should be added on the safety rope to represent the manufacturer for identification

the certificate should indicate: product name, production date, tensile test 4412.7n (450kgf), impact weight 100kg, manufacturer name, inspector name, etc

each safety belt is packed in a plastic bag. The bag is printed with: product name, production date, static load 4412.7n (450kgf), impact weight 100kg, manufacturer name and precautions for use and storage

the product box should be marked with: product name, quantity, packing date, volume and weight, name of manufacturer and delivery unit

according to the situation of the demander, the packaging of the product is allowed to be changed, but the demander and the Demander shall reach an agreement through negotiation and have a written basis

the size selection and marking of the packing box shall comply with the provisions of gb4892-85, GB 190-85 and GB 191-85

transportation and storage

in the process of transportation, the sun and rain should be prevented

when handling, it is not allowed to use tools with hooks and thorns

the safety belt should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse. 1t is not allowed to contact high temperature, open fire, strong acid and sharp hard objects, and it is not allowed to be exposed to the sun for a long time

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