Technician falls into deep well, breathing apparatus saves lives

at about 4 pm on the 24th, a skilled worker at a construction site in Jiqiang Town, Xiji County, Guyuan City, Ningxia, accidentally fell into a 14 meter deep well during soil sampling operation. His life and death were uncertain, and he was rescued by local fire rescue

after receiving the alarm, Xiji County fire brigade immediately dispatched 2 vehicles and 12 people to the place where the accident happened for emergency rescue. After field investigation, it was found that the diameter of the wellhead was only 50 cm, and the breath of the trapped people was very weak. The operation well is narrow and deep. The fire officers and soldiers set up a rescue tripod. While ensuring the safety of the rescue workers, the air respirator is put down to supply oxygen to the trapped and rescue workers underground. A soldier with rich experience and small body is selected to go down the well to rescue people

due to the lack of oxygen in the mine, the trapped people lost consciousness in a short time. The rescue soldiers supplied oxygen to the trapped people and tried their best to wake them up. After efforts, the trapped people regained consciousness and tied the safety rope with the help of the rescue soldiers. With the cooperation of the rescue officers and soldiers, the trapped people were successfully rescued and sent to the hospital for treatment without life danger

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