Technology shoes made of spacesuit fabric

Gore-Tex fabric is now a national treasure of the United States, and its good waterproof and breathable performance has been widely used in various fields, from travel and mountaineering to manned space flight, Gore-Tex fabric has always been an ideal choice. High end shoe brand SKAP (shengjiabu) will not “let go” of Gore-Tex naturally, from which SKAP Gore-Tex technology function shoes come into being

this technology functional shoe integrates Gore-Tex fabric into the shoe-making process. 1t is carefully designed in accordance with ergonomics and applies mature shock absorption technology. 1t perfectly combines fashion, comfort and technology. This kind of shoe adopts ultra light sole, which is half the weight of rubber sole, and can effectively relieve the fatigue of the journey, A Gore-Tex technology functional shoe with ultra light soles weighs only 100g, which is suitable for daily leisure, outdoor travel and other occasions

Gore-Tex technology function shoes use Gore-Tex fabric, which can completely block rain, snow and cold wind, and continuously discharge sweat from human body. For friends who like outdoor travel, a pair of shoes with good air permeability can bring a more pleasant experience for their journey. Hikers can’t avoid sleeping in the open air, rain and rain The invasion of sandstorm is often unbearable. This kind of shoes can isolate water well. With the trademark leather of SKAP, cow neck pattern leather, it can completely prevent the invasion of the outside world

Author: Qu Wen

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