Ten measures to prevent and control air pollution

One is to reduce pollutant emissions. Comprehensively renovate small coal-fired boilers and speed up the transformation of desulfurization, denitrification and dust removal in key industries. Control the city dust. 1mprove fuel quality and eliminate yellow label vehicles within a time limit

the second is to strictly control the new production capacity of high energy consumption and high pollution industries, and complete the elimination task of backward production capacity in key industries such as steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum and flat glass in the 12th Five year plan one year ahead of schedule

the third is to vigorously promote cleaner production, and the emission intensity of major air pollutants in key industries will drop by more than 30% by the end of 2017. We will vigorously develop public transport< The fourth is to accelerate the adjustment of energy structure and increase the supply of clean energy such as natural gas and coal to methane fifthly, it is necessary to strengthen the restriction of energy conservation and environmental protection indicators. For the projects that fail to pass the energy assessment and environmental impact assessment, they are not allowed to start construction, provide land, provide loan support, and supply electricity and water< The sixth is to implement a new mechanism of energy conservation and emission reduction with both incentives and constraints, and increase the intensity of sewage charges. We will increase credit support for the prevention and control of air pollution. Strengthen international cooperation and vigorously cultivate environmental protection and new energy industries seven is to use laws and standards to “force” industrial transformation and upgrading. To formulate and revise emission standards for key industries, it is suggested to revise air pollution prevention and control law and other laws. Compulsory disclosure of environmental information of enterprises in heavy pollution industries. Air quality ranking of key cities will be announced. We will increase penalties for illegal acts< The eighth is to establish a joint prevention and control mechanism around the Bohai Sea, including Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other regions, strengthen PM2.5 governance in densely populated areas and key big cities, and build a responsibility assessment system for atmospheric environment remediation objectives of all provinces (autonomous regions and cities)< The ninth is to bring the heavily polluted weather into the emergency management of local governments, and take timely measures such as limiting production and emission of heavily polluted enterprises and restricting motor vehicles according to the pollution level< The tenth is to establish the code of conduct of "breathing together and striving together" for the whole society. The local government takes overall responsibility for the local air quality, implements the main responsibility of enterprise pollution control, and the relevant departments of the State Council coordinate with each other to advocate saving, green consumption and living habits, and mobilize the whole people to participate in environmental protection and supervision China labor insurance net

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