Ten steps to the use of escape devices in high buildings

Step 1: take out the main body of the escape device and the escape sling

Step 2: firmly bolt the safety clasp on the upper part of the main body of the escape device to a firm place, and make sure that it can safely carry the weight of the person who wants to escape

Step 3: put the loop under the safety belt through your feet and fasten the buckle beside your thigh

Step 4: put on the escape safety belt, adjust and fix it in front of the chest

Step 5: make sure that all safety belt buckles and rigging are firmly fastened

Step 6: buckle the safety buckle at the end of the escape safety belt into the shackle of the main body of the escape device

Step 7: tie the support point with the escape device, pull out the steel cable and move to the place where you can escape

Step 8: automatic and safe descent

Step 9: after reaching the ground, unfasten the safety buckle of the escape device and unfasten the safety belt

Step 10: when all the equipment is removed, the escape is completed

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