Tens of Yuan safety rope suddenly broken, 22 floor of Fuzhou No.1 installation worker fell dead

on August 8, on the 22nd floor of a residential area in Mawei, Fuzhou, a migrant worker from Hubei Province was installing an invisible anti-theft net on the balcony of an owner’s home when the safety rope was suddenly disconnected and he fell from the 22nd floor and died on the spot. The worker of the deceased said that this “life-threatening” safety rope was bought in a hardware store in Taijiang for dozens of yuan. There have been similar accidents among them before

most of these workers who work at height are untrained, and their safety knowledge is taught by their workers. Moreover, the safety ropes are all brought by workers themselves. Some people are greedy for cheap ones and buy poor ones. 1f these poor quality hemp rope safety ropes are not maintained, they are easy to have problems. 1f this kind of rope is exposed to the sun after being damp, it will become very brittle and easy to break, which is very dangerous when it is stretched under the weight of an adult

people engaged in high-altitude work had better buy special safety ropes for fire fighting or outdoor use. Ordinary safety ropes only cost a few hundred yuan. Safety rope in addition to buy regular manufacturers, after professional certification products, usually pay attention to maintenance. At present, many migrant workers engaged in high-altitude work do not have the knowledge of equipment selection and maintenance. We hope that the safety supervision department can increase the promotion of such safety knowledge and minimize the recurrence of such tragedies

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