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An examiner is pointing out the mistakes in his test to the students. 1n addition to the examiners who used to sit in the front passenger car, there are also computer judges who can monitor the examination process remotely. A student who passed the exam was happy to be interviewed by the media

after half a month of transition, yesterday was the first day of the three comprehensive electronic driving test in Guangzhou, and three test sections (Guangshan Road, Huaguan road and Daguan Road) were also opened at the same time. Yesterday afternoon, the traffic police department reported that a total of 290 people took part in the examination on the first day of the whole day, and 37 passed the examination, with a passing rate of 12.76%< At 8:30 a.m. yesterday, the waiting area of Guangshan Road, Daguan road and Huaguan road was full of students, and the first batch of vehicles started on time. 1t is understood that the vehicle management office has arranged examinations from Monday to Sunday. A total of 680 examination numbers were released yesterday, but only 290 students came to make an appointment" Many students still have a wait-and-see attitude, and those who don't practice well dare not take the exam easily. " Wu Wei, deputy director of the vehicle management office, told reporters yesterday that as it is the first day of the formal implementation of the electronic road test, candidates and coaches are relatively cautious about the test at present, every Monday to Friday, the DMV releases 680 subjects’ three test numbers every day, while on Saturday and Sunday, it releases 700 test places every day for examinees. This number is basically the same as the total number of 960 test seats per day from Monday to Friday and rest on Saturdays and Sundays. But yesterday there were only about 290 candidates, less than 45% of the total. Wu Wei said that the number of test places released every day during the manual test is almost full, and it is expected that the number of test places will rise after a week’s implementation of the electronic test< At 8:30 yesterday morning, the first group of candidates began the examination. 9: 00 Xu, the reporter saw in the driver test business monitoring center of Guangzhou vehicle management office that among the first batch of 60 people who started the test, only 9 people passed the test. As of 10:30 a.m. yesterday, a total of 106 candidates had taken part in the examination, of which 12 had successfully passed during the test, a female examinee broke the sensor installed on the seat belt because she was too nervous and exerted too much force during the test. The supervisor of the monitoring center immediately informed the technicians to rush to the test site for treatment “candidates are too nervous. One of the functions of the monitoring center is to monitor the unexpected situation in the background and deal with it in time.” 1n the monitoring center, each monitoring computer can monitor 4 test cars at the same time, and can handle any emergency at any time according to Wu Wei, at present, the driver’s test has realized the video monitoring and recording of the whole process from subject 1 to safe and civilized driving knowledge. The fixed camera gun covers all the functions of the test room, and the car camera gun takes pictures of the driver, the examiner and the road conditions in front at the same time” The storage time of the surveillance video is about one week. 1f the examinee feels abnormal after the examination, he should immediately apply to the vehicle management office for reconsideration. “ the traffic police department announced yesterday afternoon that 290 people took part in the examination on the first day, and 37 people passed the examination, with a passing rate of 12.76% signs were set up in the three examination halls the reporter saw at the test assembly point on Huaguan road yesterday that the traffic police department set up the waiting area and the departure area respectively. The students are waiting for the test in the waiting area now. Under the arrangement of the traffic police on the spot, they can take the test in groups of 3-4 people slightly different from the transition period, the reporter found on the field tour yesterday that the vehicle management office had erected signs on three test sections of Huaguan Road, Daguan road and Guangshan road to remind the examinees which section should be operated” The signs of these evaluation items are the same, but the order of the three examination rooms is slightly different, which is also determined according to the characteristics of the actual road section of the examination room. “ it is understood that on the 14th and 15th, many driving test students went to the new test section to get familiar with the test road conditions. After the experience, most coaches think that the new two test sections are easier than the original test section Guangshan road there are 18 signboards for each test section, including starting point, ending point and 16 test items” Electronic voice with these signs, let the examinee feel comfortable a lot An examinee who has just finished the exam told reporters that he had practiced in the exam section for two days before the exam. When he saw these signs, he knew the exam items in this area, and he would be prepared in advance< 1n an interview with reporters yesterday morning, candidate song Xu said that he failed to pass the first exam because he turned around to turn on the direction light for less than 3 seconds" 1t's not hard. 1'm just a little nervous and 1 didn't do it well. " Song Xu returned to the waiting area to wait for the second exam. He said that the electronic voice prompt is very clear, and the roadside signs can serve as a reminder, so as long as you drive slowly, you can do every project well Mr. Li, the candidate, also took the subject 3 exam yesterday. Just stepped out of the examination car, he told reporters, “it’s very difficult!” 1t was the first time that Mr. Li also failed in the exam. He said that the parking distance was more than 30 cm and the direction changing light was turned on less than 3 seconds. But the second test, he slowly do every step, on the smooth pass. Mr. Li said that he participated in a manual examination of subject 3 in February this year, and he thought that the electronic examination was more difficult than the manual examination. After the adoption of the E-test on April 16, he practiced with his coach for nearly a week” 1f you are familiar with the three test sections, you will not be afraid of any of them. “ which items have more points deducted do not put the handbrake, forget to fasten the seat belt, forget to turn the light on the first day of the E-test, where are the candidates “dead” in? Wu Wei said that from yesterday morning’s examination, candidates forget to put the handbrake, forget to fasten the seat belt, do not honk, pull over the parking line, forget to turn the light (turn the light time is less than 3 seconds) and other points deduction items are relatively concentrated” Candidates are too nervous. These are the simplest items, but they are easy to forget. ” Wu Wei pointed out that candidates should keep a normal attitude and don’t lose points in these basic skills which test section is difficult< The test section of Guangshan road is the most difficult one. Although there are a little more trucks on Daguan Road, it is not too difficult. Compared with the test section of Guangshan Road, where there are many cars and the subway is under construction at the same time, it is more suitable for novices here. " A coach who just led the trainees to finish the car training analyzed this to the reporter in this regard, traffic police said that the road conditions of the three test sections are slightly different, Guangshan road has construction at present, and the road conditions are slightly complicated. But the driving test is to test driving skills, students do not care too much about the test section, as long as the technology is good, what kind of section can pass smoothly some students hope to take the test at Huaguan road or Daguan road. 1n this regard, the traffic police department said that for the sake of fairness, students can arrange the test room randomly by computer the day before the test, and they can’t choose by themselves copyright notice: This article is reproduced from the network media, only represents the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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