Test method of “fire man” for thermal protection performance of work clothes

Compared with small-scale measurement methods, large-scale test methods such as “fire man” can provide more comprehensive information on thermal protection and thermal shrinkage of work clothes, but the test cost is higher and the operation is more complex. Many international organizations and standardization organizations have started to develop thermal protection work clothes test devices and formulated corresponding standards” “Fireman” is a human body which is equipped with thousands of temperature sensors to simulate firefighters or high-temperature workers. The temperature measured by each temperature sensor represents the surface temperature of a certain part of human skin. The technology of “fireman” is used to simulate high-temperature radiation environment or fire conditions, combined with computer data acquisition, processing and image display technology, The evaluation of the overall thermal protection performance of the workers’ work clothes can not only meet the specific use of the thermal protection clothing, but also quickly, intuitively, qualitatively and quantitatively display the burn distribution image of the workers

at present, there are mainly three kinds of “fire man” test systems, namely, DuPont’s thermo man dummy, North Carolina State University’s pyroman “fire man” and Alberta University’s “fire man” test device. These devices can simulate the external open fire environment well, and the heat energy of simulated heat source is 84kw / m2, which is also an evaluation value of the heat flow of the outer layer of the firefighter’s work clothes in the fire environment. 1n fact, firefighters are more likely to be exposed to heat sources with less heat flow than this value

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