Test method of tensile testing machine

Every instrument and equipment has its own test method, tensile testing machine. As an instrument of reliability testing machine, its test methods are diversified, including stretching, compression, tearing, puncture and a series of test methods. But today, 1 will tell you the following two test methods

1. 1mpact performance test

(1) connect the safety helmet test sensor with the sensor interface of the safety helmet tester

(2) turn on the power before the test, and “Pinsheng electric welcomes you” will appear on the display After the screen, press the test key, move the cursor to “safety helmet” with the direction key , and then press the confirmation key. The words “1 safety helmet impact method” and “2 safety helmet puncture” will appear. At this time, the electromagnet will be electrified to generate magnetic force, and the hammer head plane will be aligned under the electromagnet to make the electromagnet and the hammer head center close. Move the cursor with the direction key , and then press the confirm key to enter the corresponding test state. When the sound of “drop, drop” appears, the hammer drop test can be carried out. (the hammer impact needs to be completed within 5 seconds after listening to the sound), and the impact data will be displayed after several seconds. 1f the impact force is less than 4.900 kn, the test is passed. 1f you need to print, press the print key to print out the test report. Reset and exit. When making the next helmet, press the test key to repeat the above steps

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