textile dyeing and finishing enterprises in Taihu Lake basin may encounter “strong earthquake” when Jiangsu implements the most stringent emission standard!

1n order to minimize the impact of “thallium and antimony” pollutants discharged by industrial enterprises on water environment, Jiangsu Province recently formulated and issued the local standard of “antimony pollutant discharge standard in textile dyeing and finishing industrial wastewater”, which will be implemented on September 1

it is understood that antimony pollutants mainly come from textile dyeing and finishing industry, especially chemical fiber printing and dyeing enterprises. Considering that Jiangsu Province is a large textile dyeing and finishing Province, especially in Taihu Lake Basin, there are many textile dyeing and finishing enterprises, Jiangsu Province has formulated local standards which are stricter than the national standards. The total antimony emission limit of general textile dyeing and finishing enterprises in Taihu Lake area is 0.08 mg / L; For the areas with small water environment capacity, prone to serious water pollution and need special protection measures, the direct discharge requirement of textile dyeing and finishing enterprises is more stringent, which is 0.05 mg / L(The geographical scope and time for implementing the special discharge limits of water pollutants shall be prescribed by the administrative department of environmental protection of a city divided into districts or the people’s government at the county level.)

due to the control of antimony concentration, Suzhou Textile dyeing and finishing environmental protection has been under the “Curse of tight hoop” all the year round

since 2014, the news of large-scale production stoppage due to excessive antimony has occurred in the Taipu River Basin every year

1. 1n 2014, according to the figures provided by the relevant person in charge of the Environmental Protection Bureau of Wujiang District, on July 12, Zhejiang reported that the antimony content in the drinking water source water samples was 5.02 μ g / L, slightly higher than the limit of 5 μ g / L

subsequently, when the source of antimony cannot be completely determined and effective measures are taken to solve the problem, Wujiang local printing and dyeing enterprises can only temporarily stop production and limit production in order to reduce wastewater discharge and achieve the purpose of reducing concentration

because we don’t know the source and solution:

Wujiang District finally adopted what many local printing and dyeing enterprises call “one size fits all” method: stop production and limit production

according to the report, “many local enterprises are forced to shut down before their orders are completed.”

the downstream Environmental Protection Bureau of Jiashan County also issued the “emergency notice on ordering the county’s water jet loom enterprises (households) to stop production” on the same day, saying that some indicators of water quality at the junction section of the county were abnormal recently. After investigation, it was determined that it was related to the wastewater from water jet loom industry. 1n order to ensure the improvement of water quality at the junction section, the relevant company was ordered to stop production immediately according to the requirements of the emergency notice from the superior

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