Textile materials aim at functional honeycomb fiber and become popular in the market

with the improvement of life quality, people are more and more interested in low-carbon functional textile products. Hongqiang brand honeycomb fiber series produced by Zhejiang Shangyu Hongqiang color polyester Co., Ltd. is recognized by many textile enterprises for its stable anti pilling, moisture absorption and quick drying characteristics, and its products are rapidly popular in the market

at present, the hygroscopic and fast drying fiber in the market is basically made of ordinary PET chips by special spinneret. This is achieved by changing the cross-sectional shape of the fiber and increasing the specific surface area of the fiber. Hongqiang company adopts the “flash explosion” spinning process with independent intellectual property rights, so that the produced fiber has a honeycomb microporous structure inside and outside, and the specific surface area of the fiber is very large. Hongqiang honeycomb fiber has the properties of permanent moisture absorption, quick drying and air permeability. 1n the process of fiber formation, the atomic weight and initial modulus of raw materials are reduced, so the fiber has good softness, strong cotton texture and good handle. At the same time, the anti pilling and anti pilling properties of honeycomb fiber textiles reach the national standard 4-5

Hongqiang honeycomb bamboo charcoal fiber is the representative of honeycomb series fiber of the company. The fiber is made of honeycomb hygroscopic and fast drying fiber as carrier, adding micron bamboo charcoal particles to melt spinning. The fiber has good spinnability and functionality, socks, underwear, thermal underwear and home textile fabrics are the main application direction

the temperature of bamboo charcoal in the refining process can reach about 1800 ℃ by strictly selecting materials and adopting high temperature and inert gas barrier process. The bamboo charcoal refined by this innovative process has higher crystallinity and honeycomb. Because of the tight molecular structure of bamboo charcoal fiber with polyester chip as carrier, most of the bamboo charcoal powder added into the fiber is wrapped in the middle of the fiber, so the functionality of bamboo charcoal is not easy to achieve. The bamboo charcoal powder of honeycomb bamboo charcoal fiber overcomes this weakness, and its adsorption deodorization function reaches more than 60%

how to prevent counterfeiting of new products is a matter that enterprises must pay attention to. Hongqiang company has formulated the management measures for the use of “Hongqiang hongjoy” fiber hangtag. Users of Hongqiang fiber must apply to Hongqiang company for hangtag and strictly accept the test according to the company’s regulations. At present, the company is comprehensively updating the company’s website, providing a variety of small videos to identify the authenticity and fiber functional demonstration. At the same time, the company is also actively planning some interactive activities with consumers to popularize honeycomb fiber knowledge to consumers

Hongqiang takes 20% of its sales as R & D investment every year to ensure that its products will lead the market for 1-3 years. The company is now building a research and development center, which is expected to be put into use within 5-8 months. At the same time, the company has a good rapid response ability, and can provide the corresponding fiber, yarn and fabric samples according to the requirements of customers in a short time; According to the final product requirements of customers, we can also help them to mix the fibers in the yarn, and provide relevant suggestions for the physical indicators of yarn and weaving, post dyeing and finishing processes, so as to help customers realize the maximum value

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