Textiles for safety and protection are developing rapidly

safety and protective textiles can be divided into personal protective equipment and protective clothing. Armor is the first protective equipment used by our ancestors” “Helmet” is the protective equipment for the head, while “armor” is the protective clothing for the trunk

among the protective equipment, hats, shoes, suspenders, gloves, etc. are clearly textiles, while modern helmets are also textile composite materials, which are superior to traditional helmets in performance. 1t is a kind of product with high technology content in textile composite materials

protective clothing refers to clothing for body protection. According to the different use environment, they have the functions of anti cutting, anti stabbing, bulletproof, explosion-proof, fireproof, dustproof, anti biochemical, anti radiation and so on. The personnel working on the high voltage tower should wear anti arc clothing. Personnel working in some areas of the nuclear power plant should wear radiation protective clothing. Personnel spraying pesticides and disinfectants shall wear anti chemical pollution work clothes. Astronauts need to wear spacesuits for spacewalk. Firemen should wear fireproof clothes. Even street cleaners need dust-proof clothes with warning signs. These protective articles and clothing are widely used in petroleum, metallurgy, power generation, water conservancy, mining, shipping, fire protection, life saving and other aspects

when technical measures can not completely eliminate the dangerous and harmful factors in production and life, wearing personal protective equipment becomes the only means to prevent external injuries and ensure personal safety and health, and is the last line of defense. As the saying goes, “one thing is worth one life”. 1n industrial production, the number of injury deaths caused by unqualified or not wearing protective equipment every year accounts for 15% of the total injury deaths in China. Due to the state’s attention to the safety of workers, the research and development of this kind of textiles is becoming more and more powerful, and has become an important branch of industrial textiles

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