Thailand’s Ministry of health distributed 500000 masks in eight northern provinces

according to Thailand’s world daily on February 26, Thailand’s Ministry of Health recently sent 500000 masks to the eight northern prefectures to distribute to people all over the country, especially the elderly and the weak, so as to strengthen protection measures in smog weather and prevent illness due to inhalation of dust particles

Wang Shili, Vice Minister of health of Thailand, said the day before yesterday when inspecting the work in Chiang Lai that eight northern governments, including Chiang Lai, Chiang Mai, NaBen, payao, yefengsong, Lampang, Pafu and Nanfu, had severe smog weather under the influence of mountain fire and other factors, and the situation of air particle content exceeding the standard was deteriorating, which posed a greater threat to people’s health. To this end, the Ministry of Health decided to send 500000 masks to all levels of health stations and hospitals of eight prefectures in the north to distribute them to the elderly and the weak, strengthen protection measures, and prevent illness due to smoke inhalation. Therefore, children, the elderly, patients with respiratory diseases and heart diseases should pay special attention to wearing masks to prevent air pollution. At the same time, all localities should strengthen measures to control the burning of wasteland and garbage, so as to avoid damaging the mountains and forests and bringing greater pollution to the air

Dr. Ma Ni, director of the Department of disease control, said that since the beginning of this year, it has been monitored that there are four days in Nanbang and four days in nanbenfu, and one day in Qinglai where the air particle content exceeds the standard. The number of respiratory diseases in all hospitals increased, and the most common diseases were allergies. 1n February, the incidence rate was one hundred thousand per week, 85 times more than 10 times in January this year. The weekly incidence of tracheitis and other respiratory diseases reached 300 per 100000

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