Thanks to the helmet on my head

This is a true story. The client, master Cai, is still haunted by memories. Master Cai is a glass decorator. At noon one day last month, he was working when he was hit by a piece of lifting glass on his head. But thanks to the safety helmet on master Cai’s head blocking the glass, he simply escaped

CA1, a middle-aged master, came to Hangzhou from his hometown in Henan Province to work for many years. At the time of the accident, master CA1 was working on the construction site. “When 1 was standing on the second floor, 1 saw the glass hanging up from my side,” said master CA1

“after working for so many years, it’s the first time 1 have encountered such an accident.”. Master Li, a worker, said that the weight of the vacuum suction cup is generally two or three hundred kilograms, so the safety is very high, and the workers usually don’t pay much attention to it. 1 didn’t expect that the nearly 100 kg glass that 1 absorbed yesterday fell off when 1 pulled it to the third floor

at this time, master CA1 was just below the glass, only 5 meters away from the glass, and the falling glass fell on master Cai’s head. The workers were all frightened. They went up to check and found that master Cai’s nostrils had been smashed with blood, but he was still conscious

the doctor said that because the safety helmet blocked the glass, there was no obvious and serious injury to master CA1. As for whether the brain or other organs would be injured due to the collision, further examination is needed

the editor of China labor protection website reminds the workers that a small safety helmet is related to the life safety of each construction worker, the happiness of the family and the efficiency and honor of the work unit, and plays an important role, which can not be ignored at all. Security is not a slogan, it is in our every move. Therefore, for the sake of yourself, for the sake of your family, for the sake of your work unit, for the sake of a better and happy tomorrow, let safety start from the small helmet on your head, and let it really become the patron saint of our lives. Never take the helmet seriously

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