Thanks to the helmet

Now, whenever 1 put on a safety helmet for construction, 1 can’t help thinking of something that happened three years ago

it was an autumn afternoon. My colleagues and 1 were in the hospital preparing to turn the oil pipe. When 1 put on the safety helmet and walked to the construction site, a colleague said: “this job is simple, it will be finished in a few minutes, whether 1 wear the safety helmet or not.” 1 said, “it’s better to be careful than careless.” While talking, fasten the lower jaw strap of the helmet firmly. Then we began to install the oil pipe into the car, and soon the oil pipe was installed in a car. At this time, 1 began to do the last work after the construction – lifting the legs of the oil pipeline truck to the platform of the truck

this is a new type of oil pipeline transportation vehicle of our team. Due to the lack of familiarity with its performance and improper operation, when 1 lifted the outrigger to the vehicle, the 40 kg outrigger suddenly threw me to the ground. Then 1 heard a “Dong”, and the outrigger of the oil pipeline transportation vehicle hit me heavily on the head, and my brain suddenly appeared a blank. My colleagues were startled. They rushed over, took the legs off my head, and pulled me up from the ground. They looked at me and asked, “how’s it going?” 1 patted the soil on my body and said to them with a smile, “it’s OK, OK, there’s no injury on my head.” A colleague patted the safety helmet on my head and said with emotion: “fortunately you wore the safety helmet today and tied the chin strap. The hat didn’t fly out when you fell down. Otherwise, dozens of kilograms of things would hit your head. The consequences are really unthinkable!”

seriously, that helmet saved me. Since then, as long as the construction, 1 have to wear a helmet, and have to check whether the mandibular belt is fastened

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