Thanks to the labor protection shoes

“1f 1 don’t have these protective shoes, my foot will be useless.” On the evening of June 15, Zhang Ming, the driver in charge of material delivery in No.3 oil production plant of Northwest Petroleum Bureau, returned to the dormitory with such emotion

“what’s going on?” Roommates all gathered around and asked

“you see, one of the three supporting steel plates at the tip of the labor protection shoes is broken. 1f the other two are not firmly supported, my foot will be broken.” Zhang Ming just took off a shoe to show everyone, roommates with hand pressure labor shoes, really true

originally, as soon as he went to work that day, Zhang Ming received the task of sending and replacing wellhead manifold materials to tk136 well. He quickly put on the tooling and set out

“stop and look at your shoes!” All of a sudden, the monitor’s shout, let him step out of the foot and back

“monitor, the labor protection shoes are too heavy and it’s inconvenient to drive. 1 just need to pay more attention to the scene.” Zhang Ming looked at his black shoes and said, “these shoes are very thick and can also play a protective role.”

“no matter how thick they are, they can’t hold the labor protection shoes. They must be replaced, and the safety standards must be implemented in place!” The monitor said firmly

“aren’t they all shoes? What’s the difference? ” Zhang Ming blushed and said unconvinced

“what, you know nothing about the four functions of labor protection shoes! You know what? There are arched steel plates at the tips of the labor protection shoes to resist heavy blows, teeth at the bottom of the labor protection shoes to prevent slipping, thick soles of the labor protection shoes to prevent stabbing, and the labor protection shoes are made of antistatic, acid and alkaline resistant materials to prevent static electricity and corrosion. ” Seeing Zhang Ming’s paralyzed attitude towards safety, the monitor’s fire kept rising and he said four parallelism sentences in a row

“OK, can’t 1 change it?” Although the monitor’s words are reasonable, Zhang Ming is still a little resistant and reluctantly puts on his work shoes

on the same day, after Zhang Ming delivered the goods to the site, the construction personnel began to unload them. Seeing that the three young men were struggling to carry the manifold, they stepped forward to help them. Unexpectedly, when the manifold fell to the ground, it hit his right foot which he didn’t escape in time” 1t’s really dangling. 1f it wasn’t for the sharp end of the labor protection shoes, this foot would really be useless. ” The construction personnel moved Zhang Ming’s feet out and sighed

“thank you, monitor. But for your strict love for me, 1 would not be able to drive my whole life.” At the safety analysis meeting that night, Zhang Ming made a deep bow to the monitor(Northwest Oilfield (majinglin)

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