That year’s overseas fashion, Jiefang shoes on the street

do you still remember the military green “release shoes” with “very Chinese” elements in European and American fashion circles that year? A pair of “made in China” Chinese labor protection shoes has even been on the stage of European and American fashion gathering in the world. The domestic labor protection shoes, which are more than ten yuan and more than twenty yuan, are sold abroad for 75 dollars? Why did the incredible “liberation”, “leap” and “Huili” sell so well overseas? Today, the editor of China labor insurance network takes you to recall the story of that year

looking up the newspapers of that year, it was Ben waters, a businessman from New Jersey, who found this business opportunity. He bought a pair of “release shoes” commonly known as “release shoes” in the Shanghai kiosk. As soon as he saw it, he found a shoe factory in Henan, which produced the shoes. The reporter at that time wrote: after some “deception”, China’s “release shoes” became popular overseas

a group of fashionable shoes photos were posted on the fashion websites and forums that year. The reporter of Youth Daily found that the “ospop” sports shoes were originally designed according to the Chinese labor protection shoes, commonly known as “release shoes”, and the European and American markets were extremely hot at that time

Why didn’t we find the business opportunities in shoes? Who ever thought that wearing breathable, waterproof, wear-resistant new release shoes would become a fashion? Who ever thought that Jiefang shoes, which were derided as “migrant workers’ shoes” in China, could be sold abroad for more than 500 yuan

you know, in 1950, the PLA General Logistics Department launched the PLA’s first military uniform after the founding of new China, including release shoes. Since then, release shoes have been popular all over the country for 50 years. 1n the 21st century, because of its “inferior quality and low price”, it has become the symbol shoes of construction workers. At that time, Sirius produced this kind of old-fashioned release shoes, which were worn by construction workers most of the time

the cooperation between waters and the then “release shoes” manufacturer Sirius shoe factory was not so smooth. At the first meeting, waters said: “your shoes are very good, that is, they are not fashionable. 1f you can make them fashionable, 1 can sell them to the United States. We both make money. 1 don’t ask you to brand them. 1’m your agent.”

after 4 years of design running in, the shoe factory has modified it more than 50 times in waters’s “no” voice, and finally satisfied him with more humanized rubber soles, more fashionable colors, and a kind of simple beauty. Waters also hired a shoe designer to design comfortable insoles, and improved the raw materials, appearance and packaging of the shoes

“there is a long way to go before and now. 1n the past, we used to make ordinary domestic trade shoes, which were mainly worn by domestic construction workers and migrant workers. 1t was only 7 or 8 yuan per pair. Now the shoes sold abroad, including dyes, heavy metal volatilization and chemical composition in fabrics, meet the requirements of European and American countries. ” Cui Hua said that there are still many domestic manufacturers of low-grade release shoes, but they are the only one that meets the European and American standards” This is no longer a shoe. 1t doesn’t have strong rubber smell. 1t doesn’t stink when wearing. 1t’s breathable when the wind blows. 1t also has waterproof function, which is more wear-resistant and comfortable. 1f you use a word to describe it, you will feel comfortable and lazy in it. “

after visiting the labor insurance market, it is not difficult to find that such “release shoes” can still be seen in the labor insurance shops in small cities, and such a pair of ordinary and comfortable labor insurance shoes with “Chinese style” can often be seen in the homes of slightly older people in rural areas. 1n those days, waters let “release shoes” on the European and American fashion palace. Now, can we make it fashionable again

[Chen Jia, responsible editor of China Labor 1nsurance Website]

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