The 2nd meeting of the 4th Council of labor protection products professional committee of Jiangsu textile association was held in Shanghai

on Jun3, 2019, the second meeting of the fourth council of the labor protection articles professional committee of Jiangsu textile association was successfully held in Shanghai Ramada Hotel, with 63 representatives from the governing units attending the meeting. Ye Qing, President of Jiangsu textile distribution industry association and chairman of labor protection products professional committee, Wang Jianguo, vice president, and Yan Zheng, deputy secretary general, were seated at the rostrum. The meeting was presided over by Xue Zhongming, vice president and Secretary General of Jiangsu textile distribution industry association< There are four main items on the agenda of the meeting. 1. A ceremony was solemnly held to present the certificate of appointment to the president, vice president, secretary general and Deputy Secretary General of the Fourth Board of directors of the labor protection articles professional committee< Second, the report on the development of new member units submitted by the secretariat was considered and adopted< Third, Secretary General Xue Zhongming reported on the work since the first meeting of the Fourth Council and the main work arrangements of the Secretariat in the second half of the year< 4. President Ye Qing made a concluding speech at the meeting. He said that enterprises should be aware of the overall situation, not be complacent, and pay attention to and understand the policies and the situation in a timely manner. The work of the association is to provide more space and convenience for the development of enterprises president Ye encouraged enterprises to make good use of the resources of the association, pay close attention to the development trend and policy trends of the industry, and expand the brand influence, so that more workers can get all-round protection. This paper focuses on the association’s participation in the “2019 Shanghai Forum on innovation and development of labor protection industry” in the form of Council. President Ye hopes that all vice president units and Council units of the association can gain from the forum activities, and the association will try its best to provide strong information support and services for the innovation and development of industry enterprises

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