The 5th 1nternational Exhibition on work safety and occupational health (COS + H)

China 1nternational Exhibition on work safety and occupational health (COS + H) was founded in 2002. 1t is held every two years and has been successfully held for four times. Through the careful organization and planning of the organizer, the exhibition has won the active participation and strong support of domestic and foreign exhibitors, as well as the extensive attention of relevant departments at home and abroad. At present, the exhibition has developed into the largest, highest level and most professional international technology exchange exhibition activity in the field of work safety and occupational health in Asia. 1t has played a positive role in promoting the innovation of safety technology and the development of work safety and occupational protective equipment industry in China and even in the world, and improving the level of work safety technology and equipment in China

in this exhibition, the organizer will further increase the organizational investment, starting from four aspects: improving the scientific and technological content of exhibits, enriching the on-site activities of the exhibition, expanding the information content of the exhibition, and increasing the number of visitors, so as to make the level of the exhibition to a higher level

at present, personal protective equipment, mining safety technical equipment, safety production monitoring instrument and automation equipment, emergency rescue technology and equipment, special vehicles and other categories are important components of safety production and occupational health technical equipment, reflecting the scientific and technological level of the industry. Accordingly, a special area was set up for the exhibition

in addition, we plan to hold a number of policy and technical seminars at the exhibition site. Leaders in charge of relevant departments, experts and representatives of some exhibitors are invited to carry out activities such as policy propaganda, new product and new technology release, application knowledge and technical consultation

in terms of exhibition visitors, we will further strengthen the organization of professional visiting groups, focusing on organizing the economic and technological development zones in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu and surrounding provinces and cities, safety supervision institutions, as well as professionals in charge of safety supervision in large central enterprises such as PetroChina, Sinopec and Chinalco to visit the site and discuss the purchase intention

on the basis of the successful holding of the previous four exhibitions, with the active support and participation of relevant ministries and commissions of the Chinese government, relevant national governments, international organizations, enterprises and institutions, and community organizations, we are confident that this exhibition will be more successful and make exhibitors more satisfied, so as to promote the development and progress of work safety and occupational health in China and even in the world, Make a positive contribution

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