The 5th China 1nternational Occupational Health Technical Equipment Exhibition opened

after careful preparation, the 5th China 1nternational Forum on work safety and Exhibition on work safety and occupational health technology and equipment, CO sponsored by the State Administration of work safety and the international labor organization, opened in Beijing on the afternoon of August 31

the biennial forum and exhibition have played a positive role in publicizing China’s production safety policies, learning from foreign advanced experience, displaying and promoting advanced production safety technology equipment and personal protective equipment, and promoting the progress of production safety science and technology. This year’s forum and exhibition are not only expanding in scale, but also enriching in content and form< The fifth forum will consist of one main forum and eight sub forums. The contents of the main forum include work safety policy, major risk source monitoring and hidden danger investigation and governance, safety supervision system and mechanism innovation, etc. The contents of the sub forum are related to the economic policy of safe production, the practice and development of occupational health work, as well as the construction, the production of hazardous chemicals, and the standardization of small and medium-sized enterprises. At the forum, more than 30 domestic provincial and ministerial leaders, foreign senior government officials, experts and scholars, and enterprise leaders will deliver speeches the exhibition also has many features. With an area of 18000 square meters, the exhibition has become the largest, highest level and most professional international exhibition in the field of work safety and occupational health in Asia. More than 200 domestic and foreign enterprises and scientific research institutions participated in the exhibition. Some enterprises have brought new products such as refuge capsule in coal mine

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