The 70 year old man was entangled by the safety rope of a hot-air balloon and fell 3 meters before he died

News background

when the balloon was launched 50 meters, it could carry four adults for 90 minutes

when the balloon was introduced into Lianhua square, Zhaohua District, Guangyuan, the local media made a big report. According to Guangyuan evening news, there are many scenic spots in Tengchong, Yunnan and Yangshuo, Guangxi. The basket carrying passengers is called wicker basket, which is 1.5 meters long, 1 meter wide and 1.2 meters high

Name: tethered balloon

size: 20 meters high, maximum diameter: 17 meters

Load: can carry 4 adults to lift off at the same time

fuel: two tanks of 14 kg liquefied gas, can carry 4 people to fly for 90 minutes

flight height: 30 ~ 50 meters

at about 9:40 a.m. yesterday, On the Lotus Square in Liuqiao Township, Zhaohua District, Guangyuan City, a hot-air balloon rebounded when it landed. At this time, a 70 year old man passed by and was entangled by the safety rope of the hot-air balloon. As the balloon rose to about 3 meters in the air, he fell down and died after rescue. Last night, Yu Siqiang, the person in charge of Lotus Square, said that the hot air balloon is open to tourists for the first time, and the scenic spot is only responsible for providing venues, without any economic benefits. At the same time, the two sides signed a safety agreement, and the safety responsibility is the responsibility of the balloon owner. At present, the balloon safety officer has been controlled by the accident investigation team, and the cause of the accident is under further investigation

rope winding

the 70 year old man fell from 3 meters and died

yesterday was the annual temple fair in Zhaohua district. 1n the early morning, the Lotus Square was already a sea of people. On the square, a huge hot-air balloon attracted many tourists

at about 9:40, the balloon welcomed the first visitor” At that time, the tourist sat for the first time and then for the second time. ” Last night, Yang Shaoyun, a staff member at the scene, said that when the balloon fell to the ground and rebounded, an old man just stepped over a safety rope with one foot. With the rising of the balloon, the old man was also raised. “The old man instinctively grasped the rope with both hands, but in the end he fell down, and the time was just a blink of an eye.”

a witness at the scene, aunt Pu, said that there were too many people at that time. The old man was just entangled by the rope. When the balloon rose, he also caught the rope, but the balloon rose to about 3 meters high. He was old again, and finally he didn’t catch it and fell down

at about 6 pm yesterday, the reporter came to Lianhua square and found that the square is about 300 square meters, and there is no trace left by the incident. According to reports, when the accident occurred, there were tens of thousands of people in the square. Last night, the local Party committee and government said that after the old man was dropped, he was seriously injured in the head and lost a lot of blood. After 120 years of rescue, he died

the person in charge of the square

only provides space for hot-air balloons without economic benefits

according to the introduction, the whole hot-air balloon has one-third of the size of the square, with a height of 20 meters after full launch and a maximum diameter of 17 meters. 1t can carry four adults to watch the light at the same time. With the increase of the height of the balloon, Pingle Ancient Temple, botanical garden, lotus pond, and nearby farmhouse are all in view

according to Yang Shaoyun, the on-site staff, the hot-air balloon was debugged on the 14th of this month. Yesterday was the first time that it was open to tourists, and the charging standard was 50 yuan per person” When it happened, there was only one person in the balloon. When he sat the second time, it happened

so, how do hot air balloons come from? What does it have to do with the square? Last night, the reporter learned that the unit of hot air balloon is Guangyuan Haosheng Sports Club Co., Ltd., and the person in charge is Pu Cheng. At about 8 o’clock last night, Pu Cheng’s mother said that she knew her son was working on a hot air balloon, but she didn’t know how to operate it

last night, Yu Siqiang, the person in charge of Lotus Square, introduced that hot air balloons can bring popularity to the scenic spot, but they only provide venues for Guangyuan Haosheng Sports Club Co., Ltd., and there is no economic interest between the two sides. A week ago, the two sides signed a security agreement, all security responsibilities borne by Guangyuan Haosheng sports club company

the safety officer is under control

the cause of the accident is under further investigation

yesterday, the Propaganda Department of Zhaohua district Party committee reported that after the accident, 120 ambulance rushed to the scene to implement emergency rescue, and the relevant leaders of the district Party committee and the district government, as well as the District Public Security Bureau, Safety Supervision Bureau, Tourism Bureau and other departments rushed to the scene, Carry out accident investigation and on-site disposal

according to field investigation, at about 9:40 am yesterday, Guangyuan Haosheng Sports Club Co., Ltd. launched a hot-air balloon at Lianhua square. When the hot-air balloon rose, Tang (male, 71 years old) from Yuanba Town, Zhaohua District, was entangled by a mooring rope in a crowd accident and fell off, causing serious head injury and massive blood loss. He died after 120 rescue

after the accident, the Zhaohua district Party committee and the district government attached great importance to it and set up a joint investigation team composed of public security and safety supervision departments to investigate the accident and deal with the aftermath. At present, the family members are in a stable mood

last night, the relevant person in charge said that the safety officer of the balloon had been controlled by the joint investigation team, and the cause of the accident was under further investigation

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