The 90th China labor protection products fair ended successfully in Chengdu, about?

the 90th China labor insurance products fair was successfully concluded in Shanghai New 1nternational Expo Center. A group of four people from China labor insurance net attended the fair and presented them with “labor insurance people” and “labor insurance business information”. Here, 1 would like to give some suggestions to Wang Liangji, Secretary General of Zhejiang safety and health protection articles industry association, Xue Zhongming, Secretary General of labor protection articles professional committee of Jiangsu textile distribution industry association, Wang Jianguo, general manager of Wuxi Labor Protection Articles Co., Ltd., Huang Hanxiang, President of Singapore zhiyingxing Xing Yinzheng, general manager of Xuzhou three dimensional labor protection products Co., Ltd. and other leaders expressed their heartfelt thanks

as the earliest professional portal of the labor insurance industry, it is our consistent purpose and code of conduct to promote the healthy development of the industry, publicize the excellent enterprises in the industry and better serve the industry organizations. 1n the past 12 years, we have been promoting the knowledge of labor protection, looking for and recommending better labor protection articles for workers, and taking the interpretation of labor protection as our mission. Twelve years are like a day. When we stand on the scene of the 90th China labor protection articles fair, the first grand event in the industry, we have boundless feelings

the labor insurance industry has experienced many frustrations from the initial stupid big black rough to today’s international model. As the media of the same industry, we have a deep understanding that the labor insurance industry grand event has also gone from Everbright to the 1nternational Convention and Exhibition Center, from dozens to hundreds to thousands of enterprises participating in the exhibition, from one pavilion to three to four this year. We see the gratifying changes in the industry, Also for labor protection products to go further feel gratified

let’s look forward to a better tomorrow for the labor insurance industry, and let’s cheer for the health of Chinese workers! New starting point, thank you for your support. 1 hope you will continue to pay attention to us and our progress. With your supervision, we will work harder! Thank you, thank you

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