The 95th “Labor 1nsurance Association” set sail in Qingdao, opening a new window of Commerce and trade

Sailing in Qingdao in October. On October 24, the 95th China Labor Protection Products Fair (hereinafter referred to as “Labor Protection Fair”) sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of the people’s Republic of China and sponsored by China Textile Business Association bloomed in Qingdao 1nternational Convention and Exhibition Center, bringing new channels, new business opportunities and new markets to the labor protection market in the eastern and central regions

outside the museum, there is a long line of visitors at the login area, scrambling to scan the code and fill in the form; 1n the museum, the exhibitors are busy preparing for the exhibition and welcome the visitors with a smile. At 8:40, with the opening of the visit channel, the 95th “labor protection meeting” opened in a hot way, and a crowd of people entered the exhibition hall in an orderly manner. 1n a moment, the three pavilions were full of people’s voices, and the highlights of each booth were frequent. The exhibitors and the professional audience were eager to communicate

Yang Shude, honorary president of the 6th China Textile Business Association, Li Jianhua, executive president of China Textile Business Association, Zhang Shuren, President of China Textile Business Association, and relevant leaders of many industrial clusters visited the enterprise booths and had cordial talks with the exhibitors’ representatives

Li Jianhua said that with the theme of “new expectation of service, new products of industry and new business opportunities of market”, the exhibition will guide Chinese labor insurance enterprises to seize the opportunities and climb new peaks in the favorable period of industrial transformation and upgrading and rapid rise of market, and lead Chinese labor insurance industry to break through, innovate and change

Qingdao is in full bloom for the first time

from October 24 to 26, the three-day exhibition occupies three pavilions of Qingdao 1nternational Convention and Exhibition Center, with an exhibition area of 30000 square meters, more than 1000 booths, more than 800 exhibitors and many well-known labor insurance brands

the 95th “labor insurance fair” is in full bloom in Qingdao. Starting from opening new business opportunities in the labor insurance market in eastern and central China, it will lead China’s labor insurance industry to embark on a new journey in the future. City city one belt, one road city, the city of Qingdao, a happy and livable city, is also an important hub city for implementing the maritime Silk Road and implementing the national “one belt and one way” initiative. Qingdao is a sea port of labor insurance products and an important channel to open up the international labor insurance market. The powerful seaport has paved a convenient channel for the export of products, and the industrial market with prosperous supply and marketing has opened a new gap for commercial trade. The China Labor Protection Products Fair has bred new demand, new expectation and new future in Qingdao

after more than 50 years of glorious history, “Labor 1nsurance Association” has increasingly taken on the responsibilities and services of high-end exchange of labor insurance brands, docking of exhibitions and real economy, becoming an important business platform for Chinese and foreign labor insurance enterprises to explore the global market, a necessary link between upstream and downstream industrial chains, and an authoritative platform for information exchange and display of new scientific and technological products in the industry

through global trade with one click

the 95th “labor insurance fair”, closely combined with the new e-commerce platform and using new 1nternet thinking, has built a new commercial trade window for participating labor insurance enterprises and participating brands, and expanded new export trade channels

the exhibition organized a visiting group of big buyers from eBay to conduct on-site docking with the PPE brands on the “labor insurance meeting”, and started the PPE product promotion activities directly connected to the global market, so as to help Chinese brands and manufacturers enter the broader European and American markets. On the eBay platform, PPE is one of the fastest growing categories in the world, which is significantly faster than the overall market

this session of labor protection association, together with the eBay platform, aims to help labor protection products manufacturers cross the complicated intermediate links of traditional foreign trade, go straight to the global market with one click, go online directly, expand export channels, grasp the international consumption trend, improve the upstream and downstream industrial chain, and move forward to the top of the value chain

in order to improve the effect of the exhibition, the labor insurance association also continued the value-added services of the previous session, and customized enterprise H5 for the exhibition for publicity. The organizing committee joined hands with the exhibitors to invite business customers, strengthen the publicity of wechat platform H5, expand the publicity exposure of the exhibitors, and enhance the communication influence of the exhibition

elite enterprise competition show

as the “first exhibition” of labor protection industry, China labor protection products fair attracts domestic and foreign labor protection brand enterprises to compete together, gathering top products and first-class technology of labor protection products. With the full recognition of the exhibitors, more and more high-quality labor protection products are emerging, and the technology and practicability of the products are constantly improving, which also makes the number of professional visitors reach new heights. “Labor protection association” has developed into a weathervane and barometer of the industry, and has become a permanent platform event for the elites of the labor protection industry

a large number of elite enterprises, such as Dengsheng, Xingyu, Xima, Weidie, hengxingtai, Xumei, Gangsheng and Dongya, have landed in hall 1. Gaomi, the industrial cluster of labor insurance, led more than 80 enterprises to the exhibition. More outstanding enterprises’ bright products were displayed on the T-stage. Linyi chamber of Commerce organized more than 40 enterprises to compete in the exhibition. They will display the latest products and technologies in this exhibition, which will undoubtedly provide important support for the development of the global labor insurance industry

at the same time, the exhibition is rich in supporting activities, with industry elites gathering, heavy content publishing and hot topics hitting. A banquet of wisdom and thinking, technology and Commerce has been grand opened

the 95th “labor insurance meeting” was held in Qingdao for the first time. Relying on a number of advantageous labor insurance industrial clusters in Shandong, it attracted the attention of labor insurance enterprises in eastern and central China. The organizer of the exhibition adopts strict admittance system of exhibitors, effective reception of professional audience organization, and the communication power of new media to ensure the professional standard and high-end quality of the exhibition to a greater extent. One belt, one road initiative, is being put forward under the guidance of the spirit of the nineteen major meetings of the party. Under the steady implementation of the structural reform of supply side, China Labor Protection Products Fair will push forward and deepen the work closely to create fine exhibitions, technology exhibitions and innovative exhibitions. br/>

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