The 97th China Labor Protection Products Fair will be held in October

The 97th China Labor Protection Products Fair (hereinafter referred to as “Labor Protection Fair”) will be held in Changsha, Hunan Province from October 26 to 28, 2018, which is supported by the Ministry of Commerce and sponsored by China Textile Business Association. After years of hard work, the labor insurance association has become a large-scale and influential trade exhibition in the industry, known as the “wind vane” and “barometer” of the industry. The labor insurance association is held twice a year in spring in Shanghai, which is a prosperous place for trade and circulation; Autumn is held in turn all over the country to promote the promotion and development of individual protection industry in different regions

Come to Changsha for you

portant; word-wrap: break-word ! im 1n the autumn of 2018, the labor protection association will be located in Hunan 1nternational Convention and Exhibition Center, with Changsha as the center, radiating Hunan, Jiangxi, Hubei, Sichuan, Chongqing, Guangdong, Guangxi and other places. By displaying new products and technologies of head, foot, hand, breathing, clothing and other safety protection, it will quickly lead the safety and emergency industry in central and South China to develop better

Elite enterprises competition exhibition

portal; word-wrap: break-word ! im 1t is reported that there are more than 600 enterprises participating in the 97th labor insurance fair, with more than 800 exhibition places and more than 30000 square meters of exhibition area. Shandong Xingyu, Shandong Dengsheng, Jiande Chaomei, Zhejiang Dongya, Shanghai Xima, Shandong Yingke, Jiangsu Henghui, Hunan Yongfei, Zhejiang Zhongmai, Zhejiang Nanhe, Shanghai Dunwang, Shanghai Gangkai, Shanghai jiedun, Tianjin Litai and other domestic high-quality brand enterprises will bring the latest products to the exhibition to provide professional visitors and guests in the industry, Bring a new experience of one-stop protective equipment. The labor insurance association not only has a large number of exhibitors, but also has a high level of audience. Not only dealers and agents from all over the country, but also major central enterprises will send representatives to conduct in-depth investigation and purchase

The industry activity authority publishes

portant; word-wrap: break-word ! im 1n order to improve the effect of the exhibition, the labor insurance association, together with the participating enterprises, invited business guests. The activity of “1 speak for C1OSH” not only provided substantial rewards for the exhibitors, but also fully expanded the publicity exposure of the participating enterprises and enhanced the communication influence of the exhibition. The biggest prize is the advertising project of the 98th Labor 1nsurance Association, which is worth ten thousand yuan. 1n the face of such tempting publicity benefits, exhibitors roll up their sleeves one after another to forward

During the exhibition, the organizer will also hold a series of activities to build the exhibition into an important platform for exchange and discussion of industry information. This exhibition will hold the activity of “the fourth batch of recommended brands of national labor protection industry”. The activity is organized and launched by the safety and health protection products committee of China Textile Business Association. 1t recommends a batch every three years, aiming to enhance the international competitiveness of China’s national brands of personal protection and promote the construction of national brands of labor protection industry. Through the industry brand recommendation activities, improve the brand awareness and independent innovation ability of labor insurance enterprises, and guide the national labor insurance enterprises to make great progress and development in product quality management, innovation and R & D ability, brand awareness, market share, enterprise core competitiveness, etc

At the same time, the third working conference of group standard formulation of labor protection gloves will also be held during the exhibition, so that China’s labor protection enterprises should not only pay attention to product quality, but also pay attention to the follow-up of standards

October is the harvest season. We gather in Xiangjiang to pay attention to the production safety of workers and the development of the industry. C1OSH is only for providing you and your family with more, better and safer protection products. 1n October 2018, let’s “love Changsha”

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