the anti haze mask absorbs a lot of pollutants and needs to be replaced in time

Mask is a necessary “weapon” for many citizens to prevent haze. But are the anti haze masks on sale really useful? What are the anti haze principles and what are the requirements for wearing masks? Let’s listen to the professional advice of Yang Xiyao, director of the hospital sense Office of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Anyi University

director Yang said that in haze weather, the air pressure is low, and a large number of dust, bacteria and other harmful substances are suspended in the air. These substances can directly enter the human body through inhalation, adhere to the inhalation tract and alveoli, and aggravate some acute and chronic diseases. Therefore, people should wear masks to protect themselves when they go out. However, not all masks can prevent haze. 1n fact, the principle of mask anti haze is not “blocking”, but electrostatic adsorption. When the particles pass through the mask filter, they are absorbed by the mask filter under the effects of Brownian diffusion, filter interception, inertial collision and gravity sedimentation

according to relevant research, the mask made of simple cotton cloth can only capture 28% of the particles, the ordinary medical mask can block 40% – 80% of the particles through scientific test, and the N95 mask can capture more than 95% of the particles. Yang Xiyao said that at present, ordinary masks and disposable non-woven masks on the market have a certain blocking effect on dust and large particles, but the protective effect on haze, PM2.5, bacteria, viruses and other microbial particles is not enough. For haze weather, it is recommended to buy masks with haze prevention level N95 (more than 95%) and n99 (more than 99%)

“if the mask is worn for a long time, a large number of pollutants such as particles are adsorbed on the outside, which will increase the suction resistance; On the other hand, the inside of the mask will also absorb bacteria and viruses in the air, so experts suggest that the wearer should change the mask in time. ” Yang Xiyao said that haze is a “health killer” for patients with cardiovascular disease. Patients with bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis and other respiratory tract diseases should try to avoid outdoor exercise, so as not to induce the attack or aggravation of chronic diseases. The harmful substances in haze can stimulate and damage the upper airway, which is easy to cause upper airway infection and other diseases. The oxygen content of air is low when fogging, which is easy to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. 1t is best to wear anti haze mask when going out. 1n addition, in haze weather, the window should be opened as little as possible, vitamin D should be supplemented appropriately, the diet should be light, drinking more water, and frequently changing clothes and washing mouth and nose when going out(Xu Chaozhong)

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