The average annual death toll of coal mine accidents in China has dropped from nearly 7000 to 1000

According to the website of the State Administration of work safety, on May 7, a forum on the 15th anniversary of the founding of the China Coal 1ndustry Association was held in Beijing. Yang Dongliang, Secretary of the Party group and director of national safety supervision, pointed out at the meeting that in the past 15 years, China’s coal production has increased from 1 billion tons to 3.7 billion tons, the death toll of coal mine accidents has decreased from nearly 7000 at that time to 1067 in 2013, and the death rate of one million tons of coal has dropped from the highest point of nearly 5 to 0.288 in 2013

Yang Dongliang pointed out that production safety is the basis and guarantee for the reform and development of the coal industry. 1t is necessary to seriously implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, always put the safety of miners’ lives in the first place, stick to the development, never sacrifice people’s lives as the price of this insurmountable red line, and adhere to the “1 + 4” coal mine safety work law, Further strengthen the work of coal mine safety production. We should vigorously improve the level of mechanization, automation and informatization of coal production, continue to rectify and close small coal mines, eliminate backward production capacity, accelerate the merger and reorganization of coal mining enterprises, and cultivate large coal enterprise groups. 1t is necessary to establish the concept of “gas overrun is an accident”, pay more attention to gas control, effectively prevent and curb major accidents, and accelerate the fundamental improvement of coal mine safety

Yang Dongliang stressed that coal is the main energy source in China, and coal miners have been working underground for many years, contributing light and heat to the society. Their life safety and health must be guaranteed most effectively. 1t is necessary to vigorously publicize the fine tradition of “especially able to fight” and the excellent quality of selfless dedication of coal miners, and establish a good image of coal industry and miners in the new era

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