The bidding Center of Masteel strengthens the bidding and purchasing of labor protection articles to protect the interests of employees

The bidding Center of Masteel recently organized the bidding procurement of labor protection articles such as raincoats and boots of Masteel. The object of this project is the annual safety protection articles, which are used in large quantities, and the quality is directly related to the vital interests of workers. The bidding Center is well planned, well organized and effective

the bidding Center first stipulates that labor protection products are good brands, so that employees can rest assured to use them, such as raincoats with “paradise” brand, rain boots with “Donggang” or “shuangqian” brand, etc. At the same time, in order to purchase better products, the bidding unit is required to provide multiple brands to participate in the bidding competition for the same variety, but the quality is not lower than the specified brands. And invite the bidders to introduce the brand and performance of their bidding samples on site, so that the judges can deepen their understanding of product performance and give full play to the power of independent examination and approval when selecting products. Scientific evaluation and quality control. The bidding center invites all users to participate in the evaluation, and 9 judges form the evaluation committee to select the best brand products to enter the price evaluation

after the evaluation, the judges agreed that the quality of the bid winning products has been significantly improved on the basis of the existing labor protection products, and the price reduction effect is significant. The total bid amount of labor protection articles was 1.564 million yuan, with a decrease of more than 20%. For example, the price of Tiantang raincoat in Ma’anshan supermarket is 69 yuan / set, and the bid winner of Tiantang raincoat is 50 yuan / set, a decrease of 27%

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